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Steel office desk

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WORK | Office desk


Steel office desk




Andreas Struppler, Sebastian Frank

Design Year

Business is often determined by crude numbers and hard facts - but what really makes a company is personality.‎ For this reason, WORKSPACE was designed not as monotonous office furniture, but as part of your corporate culture.‎ The modular furniture system not only adapts perfectly to your premises, but it can also be painted in your favourite colour, or in accordance with your company's colour scheme.‎

WORKSPACE is therefore the ideal business partner.‎ It represents your company both internally and externally, is highly flexible and looks remarkably good.‎ WORKSPACE was created in collaboration with designers Andreas Struppler and Sebastian Frank, who are able to combine aesthetics with maximum functionality – without losing sight of people.‎

WORKSPACE is also factor in commercial success: People who feel comfortable in their work space are more motivated and more productive.‎

Stylish: 1.‎ 5 mm thick, semi-matt lacquered steel meets clean lines and the highest manufacturing quality.‎
Personal: Numerous design options with custom paint in all RAL colours and a choice of table tops.‎
Clever: No visible cables thanks to intelligent cable management and power and network connections mounted flush with the workstation.‎
Ergonomic: Mechanic or electronic height-adjustable desks that allow for a comfortable working position whether seated or standing.‎
Productive: Privacy panels made of different coloured fabrics aid concentration when working.‎
Flexible extra: An open and closed-at-the-back upper part offers stowage on the desk and screen at once.‎

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