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Glass mosaic



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The collection originates from an ancient vision of the natural and architectural landscape based on a mix of images, experiences, thoughts and visual suggestions. TILLA®, the world’s smallest glass tessera made possible for the italian designer Gupica (Gunilla Zamboni) to create a collection of variable geometries, ranging from large landscape views to tiny antique decoration patterns for the decoration of walls and floors.

Designs made of extra clear glass squared picotesserae TILLA® with a 2 up to 7 mm side, decorated with colored and metallic nanolayers and applied on polymeric flexible base supports. touch and feel: glossy / embossed surface / vitreous. Material’s edges: defined, not sharp.

Grand Tour” products are suitable for decorative interior applications and sheltered exterior uses.
Mutaforma’s hypertechnological support modules guarantee optimized laying time thanks to the puzzle-like joints technology that permits to ease installers work.
Being only a few millimeters thick, Mutaforma’s material can be laid directly on existing levelled surfaces.
The limited weight per square meter grants advantages in trasportation and handling costs and avoids vertical slip while laying.
The perfect laying
1 - the substrate must be perfectly smooth, cohesive and well dried. avoid bumps and dips: mutaforma’s material behaves like a decorative wallpaper.
2 - spread the right quantity of glue using the specific mutaforma spatula.
Mutaforma’s material requires only a thin layer of glue.
3 - follow the enclosed manuals and data sheets.
Cuts can be made with diamond disc or water jet.
Daily cleaning
Use a soft cloth imbued with a domestic glass-cleaner or a mixture of hot water and alcohol. abrasive products may matt glass. Do not use acid or corrosive detergents.
Lighting tips
Material brightness is enhanced by frontal lighting sources such as:windows, diffused lights, focused spotlight. Avoid grazing lights.
Slipperiness in humid eviroments
Resistance class: R 10 (DIN 51130:2004)

Further info from manufacturer on GRAND TOUR
GRAND TOUR: 4608X5862 mm
GRAND TOUR PANEL A / B / C: 2304X2592 mm
GRAND TOUR PANEL D / E / F / G: 1152X2592 mm

TESSERA: 3,5 - 7mm

Grand Tour Collection by Mutaforma
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