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Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles

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Tierras is realized in homogeneous porcelain stoneware, produced with the innovative continua technology: a modern productive system based on the dry processing of the ceramic powders.‎ From an environmental point of view, this system represents an improvement, having a very limited water waste during production.‎ The base of the field tile, which constitutes the first layer of the slab together with the different productive scraps, has being conceived in one single black color.‎ The “top” layer, the one constituted by the colored powders, a different one for every color of the range, sediments on the first two layers, defining the surface’s identity.‎ The result is a very solid substance, characterized by a palette of very intense, deep, earthy and natural colors, saturated by the black base.‎
The collection develops in a range of 5 colors, 4 coming from cotto and 1 from lava and land.‎ All the colors are chromatically compatible and they harmoniously connect with one another.‎

Tierras is a project which develops around the concept of sedimentation, and the long Mediterranean artisan memories.‎ Tierras’ revisited tradition is reinforced by the dual personality of the collection, which combines the newest technological innovation with the most traditional concept of handmade productions.‎
Six different kind of lavas, of terracotta and of clays, chromatically matching with each other, combine and mix, enriching and softening the black base of recycled ceramics on which they deposit, making it timidly emerge on the surface.‎

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120x120 cm
60x60 cm
20x30 cm

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TIERRAS Collection by Mutina
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