MZPA U-POINT | Armchair

Acoustic fabric armchair with castors


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U-POINT | Armchair


Acoustic fabric armchair with castors



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U-point (U.‎ ) is a modern office space application for productive work, concentration, and relaxation.‎ Designed by Levantin Design.‎ This is instantly transforming boring office space into a creative hub.‎

The main advantage is multifunctionality.‎  U.‎ can be a communication hub (2 chairs and more);  working station (completed with the desk); and office SPA zone (when the two halves are pushed together they like an acoustically isolated closed island).‎

Not less important the next: Completed with the wheels, U.‎ provides you with the mobility in the office.‎ You can move U.‎ wherever you want to rest or work.‎

We are absolutely client oriented company and always concentrates on client`s pains.‎ That is why the customization

We like its round design, it makes office atmosphere more cozy and soft.‎ It is already enough square dull furniture.‎ Let's work in comfort.‎ It is an office fashion statement.‎  

And you know what? We added FUN factory.‎  Seating inside the chairs you can put “do not disturb” or “Siesta” or “Reserved”  for everyone live you in silence or “Private call”.‎ Work life should not be too serious.‎

Due to its modularity, the U.‎ can be easily transferred.‎ From the chair to the working station by adding the desk and the puff.‎ Or maybe you need more privacy than just change the puff to the chair.‎ to the spa zone by pushing chairs together.‎
It is high and wide, but not bulky.‎ It can be easily installed in small offices, no only big spaces.‎

Yes.‎ of course, we are open - that is why we are well at work in open space.‎ But do have a problem as we - you have private call and start nervously looking for the isolated place where to speak.‎ U.‎ gives you privacy.‎ And what about Skype calls, web business conservation.‎ Do you order the room in advance or looking for the empty rooms or ask your colleagues to speak not so loud and they ask you the same.‎

Usually, our workplace hardly the best one for generating thoughts.‎ The study "What about those ideas you get in the shower?" Lyngby / Copenhagen, Denmark, showed that only 16% of people generate creative ideas in the workplace.‎ So how we can change such a low rate? Maybe it is time to transform the space where we work.‎

U.‎ concentrates in itself everything that you need for good work: silence, working desk, and high walls to provide privacy.‎ Inside the Meditation, we made a USB charger and a lamp.‎ Designers wanted to give the worker the ability to have a quiet conversation or time alone with his thoughts.‎

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88 x h 63 cm
Dimensions U-POINT | Armchair

U-Point Collection by MZPA
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