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Hollow-core clay slab for facade

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Corner options


Hollow-core clay slab for facade



NBK ‘s expertise in collaborating with Architects creates unique facades with profiles from the finest structure up to the strongly profiled plastic relief.   Natural surfaces, horizontal profiles and peeled surfaces are part of our standard programme. TERRART® façades can also be designed with custom profiles, corner options and surfaces.

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Further details
Curve It
NBK Curved Elements can highlight a specific design feature of the facades and create outstanding architectural details. Curved elements can be used with any TERRART® panel giving you complete design freedom and expression
- Curved element panels go through an extra firing process to change the form from flat to a curved section
- Curved elements are limited in their dimension due the production processes and the required radius
- Can be custom made
Turn the Corner
NBK Extruded corner elements create an attractive facade design feature that is a less expensive alternative to handmade or press moulded corners.
- Opposite to standard panels, extruded corner elements are installed vertically
- Extruded corner elements are limited in their dimension due to the production processes
- The inside micrometer is limited to 100mm
Mitre cut & glued
Key Features:
The Mitre Cut and Glued Corner is a popular corner solution where there is a requirement for a cost-efficient solution with a solid corner design.
- The difference from the general miter corner is that the open joint is closed with an epoxy glue
- Mitre cuts are completed usually with 45°, but other angles are possible.
- A fase of 3-5mm is considered
- The epoxy gluing solution can be adapted to coordinate with the panels colour on request
Hand Made by Design
Manually bent NBK elements are the premium-quality corner solutions.
The soft curved edge creates a subtle design detail and each element is hand crafted and manufactured without any industrial or automated process.
- Manually bent elements are limited by the general dimensions based on the chosen product
- Due to the different firing technologies for bent elements, colour deviations can be possible
Distinctive Design Detail
NBK Press-Moulded elements can create a distinctive and bold facade pattern or detail and are an excellent alternative to hand made corners.
- Manufactured using a RAM-Press machine with individually manufactured negative forms, the clay is compressed into the desired shape
- Press-Moulded elements are limited in their dimension due to the production process
- Leg lengths max. 250mm, Corner height max. 300mm
Cost Effective Corners
The basic mitre cut is the most commonly used type of corner solution where there is a requirement for a cost-efficient but attractive corner solution.
-Mitre cuts are completed usually with 45°,but other angles are possible
- A fase of 3-5mm is considered.
- Mitre corners are used for both interior and exterior corners

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