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Terracotta Ventilated facade



TERRART®-MID provides large-format elements, which are individually manufactured based on the project specification.‎
Ideal for projects where large-sized or oversized elements support wind load and structural and design aesthetic are a consideration.‎
Length: 100 mm – max.‎ 1800 mm Height: 150 mm – max.‎ 450 mm
The height of the elements can be adjusted to the desired horizontal grid.‎
Thickness: 25/40 mm
For corners, we offer miter-cut elements or cut and bond corners.‎
Alternatively, we provide specially designed corner plates with a maximum side length of approx.‎ 250mm and a maximum height of 300mm.‎
Mass per unit area: approx.‎ 65 kg/m²

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Colours & Finishes
Natural fired colours
NBK has state-of-the-art, Natural fired colours, created by techniques and sophisticated mixing methods to create almost any shade of colours and surface structures setting a new benchmark in Terracotta façade design.
- Using a special production process we are also able to create panels with a special range of anthracite colours
- Our colour range brings out the stunning natural beauty of terracotta
- Subtle and sophisticated shades from light white and yellow tones, classic brick red, dark red and brown shades
The colours shown represent only a small selection from our extensive Terracotta palette 
TERRART® Textured finishes are being increasingly exploited as a design feature in contemporary architecture with natural, ground or polished elements.
Our range includes smooth surfaces, which bring out the material’s fine granularity, and numerous surface structures with distinct effects.
However, the beauty of natural ceramics arises out of more than just its colour.
Specific techniques create surfaces that develop a character that is entirely their own. Creative ideas can thus be implemented impressively. Whether the surface is combed, stripped, sanded or machined in any other way – an experience that is unique both visually as well as haptically is the end result.
TERRART® Engobes are becoming more and more popular especially where there‘s a need for a coloured surface that also conserves the natural character of the material. Engobes create buildings of tremendous aesthetic appeal, while reaping the benefits of one of the most weather resistant construction materials available.
Applying a uniform engobe gives our elements an entirely new, coloured character. In terms of the system, the engobes cover a colour spectrum that focuses on subtle colours and permits very special effects that bring pastel colours to mind.
This means that specific decorative concepts can be brought to life that are fully in keeping with the creative architect’s ideas.
Reduction fired engobes:
Reduction Fired Engobes, are surfaces that are made with a metallic structure reminiscent of cast iron that is created by using metal oxide in the reduction firing technique. The Sintered Engobes are part of the TERRART® façade system, specific effects and ideas can be achieved so that unique façade solutions can be created.
Single fired glazes
As awareness of environmental conservation and sustainability has grown over the years, NBK pays particularly close attention to protecting people’s health as well. This explains why our Single Fired Glazes have been switched over to lead-free formulations. With the single-firing technique, both matt as well as glossy surfaces can be created, as can all the usual effect glazes based on selenium.
Double fired glazes
The use of Double Fired glazes is commonly regarded as the supreme discipline in the field of creative façade ceramics. With the double-firing technique, façade elements of the highest quality, particularly thanks to the edge glaze created by this additional process, can be created.
In addition, the glaze has a particularly brilliant, expressive colour effect.
L: 100 mm - max. 1800 mm
H: 150 mm - max. 450 mm

TERRART® Collection by NBK
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