Nola Industrier KEBNE OUTDOOR GYM Metal Fitness machine


KEBNE OUTDOOR GYM By Nola Industrier


Metal Fitness machine

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The Kebne outdoor gym consists of five free-standing fitness units for strength training and stretching.‎ Each of the five modules is designed for exercises that use the individual’s own body weight as a counterweight for resistance training.‎ None of the fitness units contain levers, pulleys or moving parts of any kind, making them uniquely maintenance-free.‎

Kebne can create inclusive community gathering places for everyone, regardless of age, gender or training ability.‎ Kebne is an excellent choice for built environments, such as neighbourhood squares, school campuses, parks and urban green lanes.‎ Kebne is a natural complement to beach promenades, fitness trails and outdoor leisure & recreation areas.‎ The fitness units can be placed at intervals along outdoor fitness trails.‎ The frames can be produced in a colour with a high-visibility factor to give them a wayfinding capacity, making it easier to spot them in the distance.‎

The outdoor gym is complemented by an overall sign depicting the functions and potentials of each individual fitness unit.‎ Each unit has a corresponding sign with easy-to-understand icons that illustrate the exercises it is designed for.‎ When ordering a complete outdoor gym  (all five fitness units), the signs will display a scannable QR Code linked to Kebne’s training videos on www.‎summitcalisthenics.‎com.‎
Kebne is developed in accordance with standard EN 16630 and meets its requirements for strength, calculated by independent party Structural Engineering AB with FEM-Design 3D Structure.‎

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Width: 210cm
Height: Modul 1-5: 240/210/115/90/45cm
Sitting height: modul 3-5 45cm
Depth: 140cm

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