Non-destructive hardness testing of metals


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Non-destructive hardness testing of metals

UCI Hardness Tester T-U2
UCI hardness tester T-U2 is designed for rapid non-destructive hardness testing of:
• Metals and alloys on standardized international scales of hardness: Rockwell (HRC), Brinell (HB), Vickers (HV);
• Metals with distinctions in properties of steel (e.‎ g.‎ , non-ferrous metals, alloys of iron and others.‎ ) and using five additional scales for calibration;
• Using a scale of tensile strength (Rm) to determine the tensile strength of carbon steel pearlitic products by automatic recalculation from Brinell (HB) hardness scale.‎
Ultrasonic hardness tester T-U2 implements the ultrasonic contact impedance method (UCI).‎
UCI method for the hardness testing
The UCI hardness measuring method complies to ASTM A1038.‎
The ultrasonic contact impedance (UCI) probe is purposed to be used for hardness measuring in the case of the testing area minimal thickness (from 1 mm), objects of complex surface shape, and for measuring surface hardened layers hardness.‎
This method is very fast and easy: place the probe on the tested object surface, press the probe with the required effort to the surface and save the hardness value, shown on the display of the device.‎ Small size diamond indenter allows measuring hardness value of all items, which are thicker than 1 mm.‎ The UCI method of hardness testing is the least destructive because the hardness tester T-UD2 with UCI probe leaves much smaller prints (imprints) than the majority of bench hardness tester would.‎ That’s why a portable hardness tester with UCI probe is the best choice.‎
The device has the main advantages of ultrasonic hardness tester and it is very usability and reliable.‎
• Possibility of measuring the hardness value of products with any weights and thickness from 1 mm (small items, thin-walled structures, pipes, tanks, steel sheets, the products of complex shape, hardness control of metal coatings, etc.‎ );
• Small mark on the surface of the tested product (user can test mirror surfaces, necks shafts, knives, gear teeth, etc.‎ );
• Hardness testing the hardening layer of the surface;
• Wide range of hardness measuring;
• Usability of measuring;
• Minimum number of controls;
• Big graphic display with brightness backlighting;
• Control the charge level of batteries;
• Extended temperature range (frost protected, operating temperature up to -20 °C);
• Device has internal memory and allows user to connect with PC;
• New, intuitive menu with tips on the buttons.‎

Further info from manufacturer on UCI T-U2
Further details
Restrictions about the using of the UCI hardness tester T-U2:
Limited using of hardness tester for hardness testing of products with coarse-grained structure (eg, cast iron) or product which are weighing less than 10 grams, or thinner than 1 mm.
Technical features
• Range of hardness:
– Rockwell, HRC: 20 – 70
– Brinell, HB: 90 – 450
– Vickers, HV: 230 – 940
• Measurement accuracy:
- HV +/– 3%;
- HRC +/– 1,5%;
- HB +/– 3%;
• Standards: ASTM A1038, ASTM E140
• Materials:
- UCI probe – pre-calibrated for steel.
- Additional custom scales and materials for calibration.
• Dimensions (mm): 122x65x23
• Operating temperature range (°C): -20 to +40
• Power: 2pcs AA batteries
• Bateries life, hours, not less: 20
• Weight of electronic unit with batteries, no more (kg): 0.2
Standard package:
• Hardness tester
• UCI probe (10N, 50N or 98N for choice)
• 2pcs AA batteries
• Charger
• USB cable
• Operating manual
• Software for PC
• Calibration certificate
• Case
Available package:
• Additional UCI probes. Also, after the purchase if will be needed, user can order the additional Leeb probe (D, DC, DL, C, D+15, E, G), with activation code and will get combined hardness tester with two probes (UCI+Leeb).
• Batteries
• Charger
• Hardness test blocks
• Portable grinding machine
• Case for hardness tester

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