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Solution for vibration measurement

GEA System
GEA is a complete solution for vibration measurement and analysis of buildings in the civil-engineering sector.‎ This cutting-edge system helps you to manage a wide range of tasks, ranging from simple measurements to spot assessments, to the development of complex monitoring networks.‎

Thanks to their aluminum construction and IP68 protection class connectors for Lemo cables, GEA sensors are highly stable and can be used in extremely hostile environments without the need for additional protection.‎ On the inside, apart from MEMS sensors, which guarantee outstanding shock and collision resistance, are analog 24 bit SigmaDelta converters that guarantee a broad dynamic range.‎ Digital signal transmission eliminates electromagnetic disturbances, while the device’s uniquely long broadcast range (up to 1 km with dedicated HubSync) makes GEA sensors ideal and convenient for monitoring large scale structures such as bridges and levees.‎ The basic version comes with a carrying case, monitoring accessories, connection cable, and a traceable calibration certificate.‎

Developed on the basic of the GEA I, has been designed in order to improve overall perfomance.‎ Based on hibrid MEMS-PIEZO technology it shows excellence noise perfomance, high dynamic range thanks to the SigmaDelta 24 Bit integrated AD converter and given the integrated amplifier the possibility to be used in optimized way depending on the tyep of signal attended.‎ Built-in into an extremelly robust anodized alluminium case it can be used in the worst environmental condition, even submerged thanks to the IP68 protection grade.‎

Further details
The great advantage of GEA sensors over conventional measurement solutions is that they can be directly connected to a computer with GEA Lab software installed, without the need for dedicated, proprietary memory cards. This type of connectivity increases the number of sensors that can be connected, thus allowing for the development of more effective and highly cost efficient monitoring systems. However, such solutions are somewhat limited when it comes to performing complex measurements. In particular, the cable length in this configuration is limited to 60 meters, and intra-sensor synchronism is limited (by USB technology) to 100 ms. SyncHub overcomes these limits. It facilitates the use of cables that are up to 1 km long, without the need for intermediate amplifiers or the use of special cables. This solution also guarantees synchronism between sensors that are used for modal-analysis testing. A single SyncHub module can have up to four sensors connected to it, all of which can be used simultaneously – that means up to 16 sensors can be interconnected in master-slave mode.
GEA Lab is powerful software that acquire and analize data incoming from GEA Sensor. Available for both windows and Linus operating system (this last suggested for long / permanent monitoring session). The software provide the following measuring options:
• Raw Data Recording.
• Structural Damage (in comformity with DIN 4150 Part 3 and others relevant international standards).
• Comfort Evaluation (in conformity with ISO 2631 and others relevant standards).
Further, for long term monitoring session, the following options are available:
• Monitoring & Scheduling
• E-mail Notification
GEA Reporter is a software tool that allows to retrieve, visualize and handling data measured with GEA LAB. It includes the following functionality:
• Data Export to txt/ascii format
• Copy and past chart for reporting purpose
• Logging data visualization
• Easy retrivial of event data
• Post Processing comparison with different reference curves
Technical features
• Sensor: Triaxial, MEMS
• Converter A/D: 24 bit SigmaDelta
• Sampling: 1024 Hz
• Minimum level: 0.05 mm/s
• Dynamics: 100 dB
• Frequency Response: 0.8-100 Hz (315 Hz)
• Grade of Protection: IP67
• Dimension: D: 117 mm x H: 35 mm
• Weight: 600 g
• Shock Resistance: 5000 g
• Sensor: Triaxial, MEMS-Piezo
• Converter A/D: 24 bit SigmaDelta
• Sampling: 1024 Hz
• Minimum measured level: 0.0005 mm/s
• Dynamic range: 120 dB
• Frequency range: 0.8-100 Hz (315 Hz)
• Protection grade: IP68
• Dimensions: D: 117 mm x H: 35 mm
• Weight: 600 g
• Shock resistance: 3000 g
GEA Kit:
• Sensor GEA I / GEA II
• SyncHUB (if necessary)
• Monitoring Box (if necessary)
• Software Gea Lab / Gea Reporter
• Cables and connectors
• Certificate of calibration
• Training and support on site

Structures monitoring Collection by NOVATEST
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