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Topographic, land registry, land modelling survey

Meridiana is a complete topography program that allows you to simultaneously handle data from Total Stations, GPS receivers, digital levels, or simply data whose coordinates are known.‎
Meridiana allows you to plan planimetry, to interface with Pregeo, to calculate level curves and profiles, and also to design roads.‎
Thanks to the tree interface, managing your own country booklet is an easy and intuitive operation.‎ Additionally, each node corresponds to a spreadsheet style page where the editing (insertion, deletion, or correction) of the data is simple and immediate.‎

Acquisition and processing of data
Data can be acquired by Meridiana in a variety of modes: directly from Total Stations, Data Recorders, Digital Levels and GPS - from ASCII, DXF, and Shape files - or inserted directly from the keyboard.‎
Meridiana processes the data from Total Stations by means of a wizard that allows each step to analyze the input data and check for any errors by displaying the scraps with reference to the set tolerances.‎
Straight and flipped strings and measurements are handled.‎ Station orientation can be related to a local system or anchored to orientation points.‎

Graphics and Images
The results of the various elaborations can be graphically displayed within a powerful and complete CAD environment designed specifically for Meridiana.‎ This enabled the implementation of specific functions for the topographic field.‎
The CAD environment lets you view raster images that overlay the relief.‎

These images can be accurately calibrated and georeferenced by taking into account all the deformations the image may have been subjected to.‎
Ground Pattern and Level Curves
Meridiana is able to automatically create a triangular terrain model using points from a survey carried out with a Total Station or a GPS Receiver, or from graphic points or known coordinates.‎
Starting from the 3D model of the terrain, you can automatically perform the level curves: simply enter the value of the equidistance, the remarkable equidistance, and the spline rounding factor.‎

Further info from manufacturer on MERIDIANA
Further details
Profiles, Sections, and Volume Calculation
Profile generation can be made from triangles of the 3D model of the terrain, broken or spline of the level curves, or finally from the dimensioned plane even by using a dot for the inclusion of the points.
The volume calculation is performed by means of a wizard that allows you to choose whether to calculate the whole or part of the calculation if the calculation is to be made with respect to a horizontal or inclined plane, and so on.
Meridiana also allows volume calculations for difference with other reliefs that may be made at different times, eg. In the case of relief of quarries, landfills, etc.

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