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Office booths

Office booths are modular structures that placed within the shared spaces of an office can guarantee a minimum level of privacy, recreating a space where it is possible to exchange ideas of hold short briefings with colleagues and customers. This new concept of flexible space lays on the idea that focus and creativity can find a more breeding ground in informal spaces than in ordinary meeting rooms around a table. Office booths can be placed in office spaces depending on specific needs. Some spaces might require office booths to be installed against a wall, or freely in the middle of an open-plan space or of a quite large room.

Office booths typologies and materials

Even the choice of materials will depend on the surrounding space, because the office booth to be installed cannot be alien to the rest of the furniture, but rather integrate to perfection with its colors, materials and finishes. The choice of the materials takes therefore a relevant role. Fabric office booths, for instance, feature panels covered with fabric that inevitably have to combine with other upholstery like sofas, chairs and armchairs; wood office booths can create small discreet corners within open-plan spaces, allowing to obtain a more intimate space adequate to hold meetings or job interviews among colleagues, that demand anyhow a certain level of discretion. This is also possible because they also work as real sound booths, that ensure the privacy of people inside, while not bothering people outside.
Among other materials for office booths, glass office booths and plastic office booths in the polyester or polypropylene variations are worth mentioning, together with office booths made of metal, composite material, with aluminum bearing structure, and with panels made of glass and other materials.

Different uses of an office booth

As it has been said already, office booths are for companies a valid alternative to traditional meeting rooms. It is a way to ensure an adequate level of privacy and discreteness without hampering the concentration of the people who keep working outside these spaces. Inside office booths, which half-open shapes summon the attention of all the meeting participants, many activities can be carried out in a professional but motivating way, such as workshops, brainstorming sessions, meeting for projects development and management. Meeting office booths are, as a matter of fact, often equipped with tables and chairs to enable people to work and interact with no interference; at the same time they can also hold presentations or video showing thanks to the presence of multimedia devices like screens, laptops and projectors. This is the reason why it is fundamental to think of such spaces as real multimedia sound booths where the set-up for audio visual installation is present. Multimedia office booths can be tailored to only host one person in order to be able to ensure even a single employee the right focus to inspire the right creativity while not giving up on multimedia devices. However, there is only one thing office booths cannot really miss and that is light. Indeed it is absolutely necessary to design office booths with integrated lights in order to always have the adequate visibility and avoind straining the eyes.

Acoustic office and phone booths

Another aspect not to be underestimated and a quite relevant one when it comes to co-working environments, are the spaces acoustic and soundproofing that can be obtained thanks to office booths. Particularly in environments where a relevant number of people work at the same time or in spaces that accommodate even different companies, granting the right level of privacy becomes a main priority. In such cases, the ideal solution is to install acoustic office booths, a great solution to ensure privacy while limiting sound emission to shared spaces. This specific kind of office booths are made of sound-absorbing materials with open cells such as felt or polyester fiber. A peculiar kind of office booths able to ensure privacy and soundproofing are the innovative acoustic phone booths. Positioned in open space environments, they allow to make calls while being acoustically and visually protected, thus avoiding to bother colleagues.
Very useful are also office booths for coffee breaks. They were born within the innovative concept of sociability in the workplace and can turn coffee breaks among colleagues in proper informal briefing during which it is possible to come up with new ideas and promote solutions.

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