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Office coat stands

Coat stands are an integral part of the room, bar or office furniture. In the workplace office coat stands are especially necessary, as they keep the room tidy and jackets and coats are always well arranged. The market offers several typologies and a wide range of products to best fit any available space.

The office coat stands models on the market

The main function of coat stands is the most practical, that is to say an accessory that needs to easily bear jackets, coats, hats and other garments. Whether you place it behind a door, hang it on a wall or put it at the office entrance, its intrinsic function stays the same. The model should be chosen based on the room size and on the space available, obviously without overlooking its appearance. When choosing furnishing elements alike, the first step is to figure out whether you would rather opt a wall-mounted or a standing coat rack. Wall-mounted elements normally come in limited sizes and in most cases feature a wooden or plastic slab where different hooks are attached. There are even more minimal versions, namely wall hooks. This solution allows to make the best out of hidden spots, like the back side of a door or a specific space on the wall. This is why they can also not have such a sophisticate design.
There are also column office coat stands that require little space, but undoubtedly have a stronger visual impact. Compared to the former model the advantages are resistance and capacity. Also called freestanding office coat stands, these models are developed in height and can accommodate more items. Classic style office coat stands normally have a rounded or square base or can stand on a tripod. Along the body and at various heights, this coat stand features a number of arms that make up its capacity. Some models also feature office coat stands with integrated umbrella stands another very useful accessory when there is little space available. Anyhow, as it has been said already, appearance matters too! This is why the market has opened to a variety of models for modern style office coat stands, with more stylized and sophisticate traits, ideal for new-generations offices where each and every object can make the difference.

What materials can office coat stands be made of?

Also the choice on materials is quite vast. Wood office coat stands are definitely the more classic, with a more neutral style that can easily fit into any environment. Metal office coat stands are no less, great for modern workplaces with a minimal furnishing, ideally in industrial style.
The most modern design office coat stands are made of the most disparate materials and take any color and shape. The most common example are cactus-shaped coat stands, a true design icon, ANOTHER GREEN by Gufram. In spite of the desired material, the most important thing is in any case that the coat stand is stable and sound. A good coat stand is one that does not bend and that serves its function with no faults. Otherwise, it means materials are of a low quality.

How to choose the right model of coat stand for your office

There are several aspects to be taken into account when deciding to buy a coat stand for the office. In the first place, it is necessary to consider how many items there will be hanged. For waiting rooms, for instance, it is necessary to foresee a considerable number of coats and therefore to opt for a coat stand with a solid structure and an important size. Apart from the mere practical and pragmatic aspect, the design must be looked at as well. Personal taste and the office style should be combined, starting from the space where the stand will be positioned.
Another important step is to analyze the room available. If you want to furnish your office with a standing coat stand, this needs to be placed in an easily accessible area, not too close to walls and desks. On the contrary, if the space is too limited, it is better to opt for a simple wall-mounted coat rack.

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