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Office drawer units

Office drawer units are the indispensable ally of any working day in the name of tidiness and calmness. A simple accessory no worker can live without.
Whether to contain documents, note books, textbooks, manuals, books to chill during the lunch break or any other thing, drawer units must be part of any office environment.
The market offers a wide choice of options to match any space requirements. Either we deal with spacious offices or smaller ones, for classically or modernly furnished environments, there is a solution able to combine functionality and design.

Office Drawer Units: the right accessory for every space

Office drawer units can have different characteristics to respond to the use and requirements of the needs of the environment where they will be placed.
Drawer units with castors are for instance extremely useful in offices where the employees frequently change their workstation due to work. This solution will allow to quickly change station without wasting precious time.
They come also very handy while cleaning up, as they just need to be moved to be put back in place afterwards.
Drawer units with locks are strongly recommended in highly accessible working spaces, in order to store sensible documents or information.
Filing cabinets, on the other hand, are the classic example of the piece of furniture where to store material of ordinary use, quick and easy to be read through and allow to arrange everything in a way that each worker can find what they are looking for and save time.
Modular filing cabinets can be arranged and managed in accordance with the available space and its purpose; they can be freely arranged, which is a plus especially in spaces with dynamic requirements.

Office drawers units materials

The materials selected for the composition and development of office drawer units play a central role in defining their style, usability and personality.
Always starting from a preliminary context analysis, it is possible to opt for wood or wood-derived office drawer units, to obtain a classic style and a welcoming feeling; metal office drawer units; synthetic material; in melamine; in glass crystal; in plastic; in acrylic glass and even leather.
Once the practical factors linked to the usability of the unit have been examined, just let the feelings that the unit will elicit, guide you. As a matter of fact, picking the office drawer unit that best suits your needs can be subject to personal taste, while never forgetting to consider the surrounding space and its final users.

Office drawer units to match all styles

There are really countless designers who engage in developing projects for office drawer units, bringing to life unmistakable styles, finished to the smallest detail.
The Scandinavian style, for instance, features names such as Karl Andersson and Kristalia. Modern style office drawer units evolve thanks to the creative imagination of an impressive multitude of Brands and Designers. Vitra, for instance, with its really unique compositions and B-Line that tells everyone about its futuristic and practical design at the same time; or Martex with its clean and sophisticate lines; or Alki portraying a modular style, made of wood, with its warm tones and velvet lines.
Next to this, there are office drawer units that are authentic objects of design. Toolbox, conceived and developed by EmmeBi, is one of them. It consists of a modular unit, with drawers or doors, always cheerful without giving up on functionality.
Gallotti&Radice’s Air Wheel is an office drawer unit with a sharp personality and innovative design. Made of crystal with infinite solutions, provides for an arrangement and definition of the personal working space, that perfectly translates the concept of pragmatic design.
This analysis cannot miss the classic style, finding the perfect expression in Elettra Day by Cantiero. It comes to life from solid wood and hickory and shows its majestic appearance reflecting the classic lines and the beauty of design tradition, to recall the style of refined environments.
In other words, searching for the office drawer units can be a journey across colors, shapes and materials. Fascinating experiments that will find their balance in joining together beauty, design and functionality.

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