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Office floor lamps

Office floor lamps represent a perfect choice when it comes to direct light in the work context. There are so many versions and models to suit in an ideal way any type of environment, be it a classic or a modern style office, an operational or executive office. Office floor lamps are normally made of a simple and straight body with a light source on top. These are made of rather inexpensive and solid materials, that are not easy to scratch, while the light can be halogen or led. This is an absolutely efficient kind of lighting, ensuring low consumption, especially in the case of LED office floor lamps. Many lamps of this kind also have adjustable arms, therefore allowing to point the light source where it is most needed. As a matter of fact it is quite rare for offices to need a soft ambient light. More often a punctual, precise and powerful light is more useful. It is important that is is not directly pointed on the face of the person who is working or of the laptop screen so to avoid any disturbance while working

Floor lamps: essential complements to light up the office

Floor lamps are conceived as an accessory element to the office lighting. This is the reason why these lighting elements normally take up little space, so to be easily moved based on current needs or to periodically change their position and prevent monotony. Floor lamps are highly appreciated being functional and with a sophisticate design. In this sense, floor lamps today have become essential furnishing elements that can transform an environment, enriching it and conferring it an ethereal elegance. This types of lighting complements have progressively evolved through the years. The first office floor lamps are the classic floor lamps with a stem and of design, at the same time beautiful and practical. Nowadays, more important and full-bodied floor lighting solutions are also very fashionable; this is the case of modern office floor lamps that also develop in width and arched office floor lamps. Design floor lamps for the office represent, on the other hand, the more glamorous evolution of this type of lamps. The materials used, such as stainless steel and steel painted with epoxy varnish are contemporary, cutting-edge and of a top quality. Such lamps have a contemporary look. They join together modern elegance and a timeless versatility and therefore integrate with various decorative styles to perfection. As far as more technical factors are concerned, LED floor lamps for the office are very much appreciated. The long durability of LED lights make this an environment-friendly and cost-effective solution. They are often chosen for their minimal and technological mood. LED floor lamps are an essential and cutting-edge element that ties perfectly in with a furnishing style that is as modern. LED floor lamps for instance are the ideal for an office with an essential ad clean look. Just like in the case of table and ceiling lamps, with floor lamps too it is possible to choose between indirect or direct light, depending on the beam of light that we wish to obtain.

Classic and modern floor lamps for the office

In offices with a classic furniture style, the floor lamps chosen should be one of the simplest versions, either those made of polished or transparent metal or with a wood body. The lampshade should also be in metal or glass, with an oval or rectangular shape. In modern furnished offices, floor lamps can instead be either in metal or in plastic. Modern floor lamps for the office are even thinner than the classic ones and feature more geometrical and essential lines so as to reflect even more faithfully the style of the furniture the room has been equipped with. It is possible to choose between black or white lamps for a more elegant environment or more colored versions for youthful and more vibrant contexts. Very commonly used within the modern furnishing style of executive offices are also the iconic arch lamps, which light can be positioned exactly on the desk as if stemming from a pendant lamp.

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