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Office lighting

Designing the right lighting for the office is essential for the final success of a general design project. As a matter of fact this is an aspect that comes into play at a rather preliminary stage, both because the systems will need to be planned accordingly and because the type of lighting chosen and the position of the diverse light points are essential in order to ensure a pleasant workplace.

How to design the office lighting

The general lighting of the work spaces can be managed by means of different solutions that can be chosen based on personal taste, style and the space requirements. The trend in new building projects is to plan light that is managed at a structural level, installing lamps for false ceilings that provide for a homogeneous distribution of the light, no matter the size of the space. They can be concealed or recessed, large or small, but they all share a distinctly modern and discreet design, which can be adapted to any type of environment. Even with modern LED lights that have replaced halogen lamps, the light is bright and intense, with no color alterations, but with great energy saving. Next to spotlights which are generally round and visually unobtrusive(at times even invisible if without ring) it is possible to opt for spotlights that can be installed on rails that also allow remote control, to move and orient them according to the needs of the space. Pendant lights for the office, on their hand, are more recommended in all those cases in which, for instance, a partial renovation of the interiors is in progress or in order to lighten and furnish environments of a more limited space, where the presence of a pendant light becomes fundamental also for the result of a project, from a decorative point of view. A large pendant light positioned over a meeting table inside an executive office, as well as in a spacious hall, will definitely play a protagonist role in any furnishing project.

A cutting-edge solution: acoustic pendant lights

Acoustic pendant lights are the outcome of research and technological application that joined together, today, enable us to make the environment we live in more comfortable and enjoyable, including the workplace. The stress that comes from an environment that is planned with no care for the acoustics can negatively impact people and their productivity. Due to the surfaces the inside walls of open plan spaces are often made of, not to mention their large volumes, the sound bounces and propagates. A first consequence of that is that people feel the urge to speak louder. In order to avoid such an unpleasant effect it is possible to install sound absorbing walls and elements, also integrated in the lighting fixtures. Acoustic pendant lamps, normally supplied with LED technology light sources, are therefore able to match an excellent functionality aimed at improving the workplace together with shapes and colors that make them the protagonists of the space; an ideal solution to design a coworking space with a contemporary footprint, able to join cutting edge technology and a design of a powerful aesthetic impact.

How to choose a table lamp

Next to the general lighting it is better to also plan for accent light at the work stations. The market offers a wide set of models for table lamps and office floor lamps, that can also contribute to decorating the space. As far as the table lamps, it will not be hard to find a model that matches with the environment style, but it is fundamental to find one that has specific functional characteristics. In the first place the light beam needs to be adequate for reading and adjustable. It can also be a standing or clamp lamp, allowing you to free up space on the work surface. A floor lamp, on the other hand, will be ideal in those contexts in which a medium-distance lighting may be needed, more diffuse but at the same time more intense than the general one.

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