Office partitions

Over the last decades the trend has been to plan the office space in a flexible and modular way, starting from large spaces environments, open plan spaces, that allow ample freedom in planning. The need of separating the room in areas destined to specific uses has therefore allowed to develop a large number of solutions that entail the use of walls, dividers or panels. Hence, the office environments become flexible, meaning that they can be modified according to the functional needs of the moment, even years apart from the initial project. The environment flexibility also allows to drastically transform them with no need of demanding interventions both in terms of costs and time. In addition partitions are often thin and little obtrusive, compared to the classic break wall, thus allowing to make the most out of the square meters available.

How to choose partition walls for the office

A large number of the solutions that are today available on the market and that allow to define the indoor spaces are represented by large self-supporting office dividers in glass (crystal, brushed, tempered or decorated), mounted on metal frames. Such a material provides for an excellent light effect of the final project and a low impact at an architectural level, anyhow ensuring at the same time the acoustic insulation that is necessary for the spaces that are being created, be them executive offices or meeting rooms. However, there are also solutions that allow the use of other materials such as wood or metal, which allow also a visual insulation next to the acoustic one. Whichever the material chosen, also on the basis of its aesthetic characteristics, another relevant element to be taken into account is the opportunity to maneuver the walls so as to modulate the space as wished. There are system of office dividers that provide for different configurations that can slide or be folded as a book, thus widening or restraining the space with utmost flexibility. Another factor is represented by the insulation capability of the materials. On the market there are dividing walls that are specifically designed in order to ensure a perfect sound insulation of the spaces thanks to the use of materials such as the double laminated glass or acoustic fabrics.

Partitions systems that furnish the open plan space

Next to the large all-length partition walls for the office that are especially conceived in order to divide the areas based on their functions (executive offices, meeting rooms, etc.), there are also solutions that are able to best define the spaces within and open plan space, improve their functionality, the quality of the environment and reduce the acoustic impact coming from the presence of a large number of people, while at the same time furnishing the space with style. Office partitions are a practical and incredibly versatile solution. For instance they can be installed in between two desks and also serve as cable trays, object holders or notice boards. They can also be modular and installed on the floor: in this case they are usually easy to assemble and disassemble. Moreover, they can be sliding or supplied with castors to be easily moved. Another alternative is represented by wall-mounted acoustic panels or hanging acoustic panels, which increase the acoustic quality of the workplace, thus guaranteeing the possibility to focus better and a lower stress level. Made of felt or highly technological synthetic fabrics, sound absorbing panels are able to furnish the space with their original shape and their textured and colored surface.

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