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Office pendant lamps

An office pendant lamps should be chosen based on its brightness, color rendering and temperature, while integrating everything with natural light. There are many different types of pendant lamps, with a modern, classic or minimal design. In any case, if you with to install such a particular light point in your office, you need to take into account different factors such as the room size, its structure and the type of activity it is destined to. Furthermore it will be of utmost relevance to make sure the light is properly distributed across the room, so that no area is less illuminated than the others. The first thing to do, thus, is to evaluate natural light and integrate it with artificial light. It is important that the lamps are positioned right above the work stations, so that there are no small shades or reflections on the desktops or desks.

Types of office pendant lights

The most popular models of office pendant lamps are of two types: fluorescent office pendant lamps (tubular or compact) and LED lamps. Fluorescent lamps are also known as energy saving lamps and last on average up to 10.000 hours. Either tubular or compact, they are a perfect option in terms of efficiency and light diffusion within the office space. Led office pendant lamps, on the other hand have a longer lifespan, lasting up to 30.000 hours, and because of their flexibility they are the perfect choice for those who wish to add a touch of elegance to the office space. They are available in the form of spotlights, more or less contemporary ceiling walls, or big bulbs with a vintage taste. Perhaps the trendiest model is the classic rectangular ceiling lamp, sober, professional and unpretentious. If you are choosing this type of lighting you are investing in efficiency, conferring the room a clean and essential style. There are also more sophisticate pendant lamps that are perfect to adorn meeting and representation rooms. Among them it is possible to opt for contemporary style pendant lamps, but also vintage office pendant lamps are very much in vogue, with a white, black or pastel color bowl. These perfectly fit colored, informal but sophisticate environments too, such are creative professional studios.

Materials and design of office pendant lamps

Normally, office pendant lamps are composed of a lighting fixture and an electric wire that, adequately covered, links the former to the ceiling. There are many variables to be considered and especially with regards to the lighting fixture. Most models have a geometric shape; squared, rectangular and circular ones are the most used. Depending on the lighting type and atmosphere that you wish to obtain in the environment you can choose among direct light pendant lamps, which precisely ensure a direct and accent beam of light; indirect light pendant lamps, which instead cast a softer light and have a lighter visual impact, and finally direct and indirect light lamps, which combine the above mentioned functions. T is also useful to consider the height of this furnishing complement. The taller the fixture installation, the greater the cone of light and, therefore, the lower its intensity. The style and function of the room certainly need to play a role in the decisions made upon lighting. As far as the materials,office pendant lamps in metal, iron, plastic, wood, silicone, ceramic and all non transparent materials are a total screen to the light and let it filter through the opening only, creating directional lighting. Lamps made of glass, crystal, mother-of-pearl, plexiglas, acrylic and transparent materials are more used when you want to create a diffused and bright light. Fabric and paper are instead frequent in chandeliers that emit a dim, homogeneous and soft light. They also come in many sizes, ranging from the largest lamps to those the size of a spotlight.

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