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Office screens

A functional and safe space, conducive to concentration is of utmost importance for business offices to be productive. It is quite common to find large offices where all the employees work together in one hectic open-plan space. This set up can work for businesses where few colleagues need to regularly interact with each other, yet it is definitely not effective in contexts where different activities correspond to different branches and precision and concentration are a requirement. Here is why office screens are so important in such working environments. Next to separating the workstations, they also ensure the privacy of those who use them.

Office screens: a practical solution to structure the space

Office screens are one of the most practical, versatile and comfortable solution to divide the areas in a space, making the best use out of it in line with the company operational needs. The winning point of such screens is their considerable flexibility, as they can be mounted and unmounted with no effort; moreover, they are easy quick to install. Based on the environment of destination, the use of office screens carries several benefits. Surely they all retain their primary function and especially in open-plan offices they are ideal in recovering quite nooks where to work undisturbed. Office screens can be freestanding up to a height of 1,50-1,70 m, or placed in between desks, at the worktop level. Desktop partitions can feature tracks where to hang storage boxes or even the computer screen; modular office screens are used to structure more elaborate partitions as they can easily fit in any space. Sound absorbing office screens, on their hand, upscale the quality of the acoustics in a working space by bringing the noise disturbance down to a minimum. A common trait of all these elements is their simple and quick installation. Made of felt or synthetic fibers with open cells, sound-absorbing panels for workstations are a mixture of functionality - thanks to their sound absorbing properties – and aesthetics thanks to their original shapes, smooth or ashlar surfaces and vibrant colors that make any open-plan space burst with unprecedented liveliness. There are also sliding office screens, one of the most versatile solutions to rearrange the office and create accessory space to be used, for instance, as a meeting room or relaxation area.

Materials and functions of office screens

The most used materials for office screens are glass, fabric and metal sheets. Glass office screen stand for a great elegant solution. They are perfect for environments with a sophisticate design and in offices where it is necessary to maximize the light. As a matter of fact glass walls enhance the light in a space. They can be opaque or see-through, depending on the needed level of privacy. Fabric office screens are handy and flexible. Quick to install. their main feature is the exceptional sound-absorbing capacity. Office screens can also be equipped with integrated light or shelves to store documents and folders. Office screens in metal sheets, thanks to the internal layer in polyurethane resin or ecological mineral fiber, ensure a better temperature control and sound insulation. However, there are also office screens in wood, including wood acoustic bookshelves able to absorb the sound and double as storage units; office screens in wood felt with finishes ranging from vivid colors to paler ones; or office screens in metal and plastic, robust and aesthetically appealing. Another very appreciated characteristic of office screens is their twofold function as a furnishing element and a space divider. Indeed they can be used as two-faceted furnishing elements, as it happens for storage walls for instance, and be used to create different areas without compromising on the design of the entire room.

Office screens to tailor your office to your needs

Arranging the office space means bridging work-related needs and those related to internal communication management with privacy and design. Mobile office screens are a perfect decorative element and efficiently delineate the operational space in the office space at the same time. However, it is important to consider that the needs may be different and a certain level of customization is paramount. Freestanding office screens, possibly with casters can come in handy to obtain a similar outcome on a smaller scale and in a non-permanent way. Flexible enough to respond to ever different needs emerging from time to time, they model the office space upon specific requirements. Be it freestanding or suspended, these elements need to be made of top quality materials to ensure endurance, functionality and thermoacoustic properties in order to absorb the sound and improve the work quality.

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