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Office stools

In special working contexts, office stools can make a valid alternative to the more common chairs and armchairs. Colorful, comfortable and handy, office stools complete the executive areas not only in office environments, but also in laboratories, garages, architecture studios, barbers’ shops, bars and hotels.
Moreover, it is increasingly common in innovative and modern working environments to see temporary workstations with high desks useful to check something on your laptop, or relaxation or snacks areas where to enjoy a well deserved break. Office stools are a great alternative to normal seating and in specific situations like those mentioned above, they can even be the only option available.

What questions should you ask yourself before choosing an office stool

There are many aspects to take into account when choosing an office stool. In the first place, just like when choosing other pieces of furniture such as desks, shelves or office storage units, the surrounding context needs to be analyzed; understanding its style, knowing the room available, looking at the colors and materials the rest of the furniture is made of. These are all necessary variables to choose the perfect stool for a working environment.
If for instance we need to move frequently between workstations, stools with castors will come handy and will allow to quickly move across the working space.
On the other hand, if worktops are placed at different heights, height-adjustable stools will be comfortable and ergonomic at the same time and under all use conditions.
You wish to opt for a design element? Then, office stools with a fabric-covered seat can be the right solution.
Another quite relevant aspect is the presence of a support for legs. Office stools with footrest are able to ensure a more natural and less harmful for posture.

What characteristics to observe when choosing an office stool

Choosing a stool for your office depends on the needs it has to respond to. There are plenty of other factors to be considered, next to the ones that have been previously mentioned regarding the furniture style and the available space. We need to figure out what other features our stool has to have.
Office stool with a back, stools with armrests or upholstered stools are noticeable seating solutions to be evaluated for their ergonomic appearance and for what matters to design.
Next to the adjustable seat height, office stools can have other extra features like being swivel and with castors.
The leg and base are also crucial when choosing a stool. The base can be round, or cross-shaped, while the leg can be conceived in different forms. It can be a unique central element or feature five spokes as in ordinary office seating.

Office stools: the perfect solution to achieve comfort and productivity

Sitting beyond a desk for the whole day can easily generate excessive stress for employees. This is why it is increasingly common to see new ways of working that allow employees to work with a correct posture and, by doing that, also ameliorating their productivity. Studies have shown that the physical well being is correlated to a positive approach at the workplace, thus contributing to increase productivity. Ergonomic chairs, standing desks and ergonomic office stools all serve this specific function combining ergonomic comfort and a functional design.

Stool versatility in your office space

One world to describe and define the general category of stools and the specific one for office destination is versatility. This piece of furniture can indeed be used in different contexts, in the office domain, as well as at home as an extra seat or an element of design.
Another function that embodies the concept of versatility is the possibility to stack stools so for them to occupy as less space as possible. Just like chairs, stackable stools can also have this key characteristics in not too large spaces and therefore only be used on a need basis.

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