Office Storage units

Office storage units are among the most common furniture products in working environments thanks to the multiple scopes they can serve.
This specific office piece of furniture can be useful in many different ways, for instance for storing documents and personal belongings; or to archive folders and binders; to stash stationary; to contain electronic devices such as printers or personal computers; to lay coats, jackets and bags.
Their utility can vary also depending on the room where they will be placed. In executive or control rooms, office storage units are necessary in order to store documents and stationary, but also personal belongings for cabinets equipped with a lock; in reception areas they can be used as coat racks or to leave the bags; in meeting rooms office storage units can play a double role; a storage for the stationary useful during meetings and a top where to put the screen during presentations.

Different typologies of office storage units

Context is often determinant when choosing office storage units. The overall context cannot be overlooked in the choice of an office storage unit. On the contrary attention should be payed to desks, bookshelves and office chairs in order to obtain a harmonious and organized environment.
Depending on the room available there are low and tall office storage units. The former are useful in reception areas for guests to leave there jackets and coats, and in passage areas, like hallways where it is possible to use vertical walls. Low office storage units, can be placed under desks and windowsills that are not indicated to place a workstation. Low furniture are especially recommended for state rooms like meeting rooms. Office storage units with castors are the most used under workstations thanks to their easy mobility. To store personal belongings, important documents or dangerous materials, it is better to opt for office storage units with locks. Another relevant aspect is the kind of door the cabinet needs to have. As a matter of fact depending on the space available you can have models with hinged doors, if more space is available, sliding doors or with tambour doors, a more recommended solution for smaller spaces. In a case a fully-fledged archive is needed to adequately catalog different kinds of documents, the best choice are definitely filing cabinets.
A modular design can also be crucial when choosing a storage unit. A revertible modular office storage can adjust to different circumstances, being at the same time a space where to store and archive items, a working top, a display cabinet, or a screen to separate different areas.

Materials and finishes of storage cabinets

The choice of the office storage unit material is strictly bound to the environment where the office will be placed. There is a variety of different materials to choose from, as many as the solutions available to customize your office storage unit to a maximum degree.
For executive offices where the furniture is constantly used and therefore exposed to wear and tear, it is advised to opt for units in metal or engineered wood such as MDF, laminate, wood veneer.
In directional spaces it is possible to opt for materials like wood, that is sophisticate and refined while being able to guarantee resistance over time.

Storage units: when functionality meets design

Storage units are not only useful but can also represent an element of design in the context of an office or professional studio environment. If storage units are often placed next to desks and bookshelves to provide for a quicker and handier access to documents and other objects, it is also possible to find media cabinets centered on a wall of the meeting areas, or hallways, thus becoming an element of attraction where employees can gather.
Meridian by Herman Miller is the example of how a storage units can also play as an element of unique design. Aside from providing a highly valuable set of solutions for archiving, it can also turn into a catchy landmark for any workspace.
Another super versatile storage unit is 360 By Isomi bookcase. Composed of three elements with a design that includes open shelves and cabinets, the components can be rotated for a product of absolute efficiency.

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