Office walls

The need for flexible spaces and environments that can be modified according to different needs leads to design and conceive offices in a different perspective than in the past. This is why office wall systems are one of the cornerstones of this new way of designing these spaces. Designing an office able to have flexible environments means having the possibility to modify the spaces according to the different functional needs that emerge over the years and this means a great saving of time and money compared to more rigid solutions, such as classic brick partitions.

Assembly and typology of mobile office walls

Once the number of rooms or spaces to be recreated through the use of mobile walls has been predetermined, one of the things to take into account is the type of space that surrounds us and therefore consider elements such as the presence of false ceilings, special ventilation systems, the possible presence of very low ceilings or, on the contrary, the presence of very high vaults. This type of wall has the advantage of being able to adapt to any environment.
Another feature to take into account is the different types of opening of these shields. This is especially important when the available space is limited and requires special requirements in terms of available square meters. As for the doors, the mobile walls have different types of opening: for example, the sliding mobile walls will save a lot of space, as well as the swinging-sliding and folding models. This makes it possible to create more private rooms within larger spaces.

Office partition walls: the different types of materials

Mobile office walls are equipped with metal frames and infill panels that can be made of different types of materials. The most common are certainly the glass walls that can guarantee a particular elegance to the work space while ensuring the right brightness. The glass used for the office partition wall panels can be of different types: glass, frosted glass, tempered glass and even decorated in case you want to add a touch of creativity to the environment.
Mobile wooden walls, associated for example with some glass panels, are solutions that can adapt to any type of working environment. Their structure also allows a possible cabling of the internal space and also ensures a not indifferent sound insulation.
A solution that can give a certain flexibility to the rooms and therefore allow them to be quickly divided when the need arises is that given by automatic partition walls. Another system capable of dividing spaces only in case of need is that of fabric partition walls which, through a side closure and a textile door, can guarantee complete space management.

Privacy guaranteed with soundproof partition walls

Privacy is definitely an element to be taken into account in a work environment; whether it is a business meeting, a company meeting or an important meeting with clients, ensuring the right confidentiality is essential. With this in mind, soundproof partition walls are designed which, thanks to materials such as double-glazed glass or acoustic fabrics, are able to achieve excellent sound insulation to minimize noise disturbance in the rooms.

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