Decorative painting finish with raised effect

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Decorative painting finish with raised effect

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White: An Integrated EcoSystem of Paint and texture and a new way to interpret home decoration.‎
White is full of meanings and connotations: it is the most used color, the simplest one, the most neutral one, the one appreciated by all and capable to match different tastes.‎ In the world of paints, white is often identified as a simple and dull color, matt, satin or glossy, which does not offer the option of decoration.‎
The concept at the basis of “White” radically changes this cliché and demonstrates that there is no absolute white nor there is a single way of representing it.‎ In fact, by integrating plain paint with an eco-friendly material in different thicknesses and shapes, it is possible to create an integrated EcoSystem for well-being in interiors.‎
White.‎ Il Bianco - Integrated EcoSystem of Paint and texture for well-being in interiors is the practical result of thirty years of research and it is also proof of how Oikos became a leading company in its sector, offering a system capable of combining paints and decorations for wellbeing in the environments at home and at work.‎ It is a new collection that demonstrates how White, Paint, Materials, and Ecology if used in an integrated fashion, consciously combined, can transform the surfaces to guarantee wellbeing in the living environments.‎
Thanks to the new Integrated EcoSystem of Paint and texture, designers will have available infinite white combination possibilities to meet even the most complex design needs, including also the possibility of offering complete solutions and turn-key packages.‎

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