Open Staircases

Open staircases, also known as ramp staircases, are pre-fabricated stairs, very often manufactured upon the needs of the customer. The main characteristic of an open staircase is the self-supporting structure that unlike in other types of stairs is totally visible, positioned below the staircase itself or along the steps sides. Depending on the positioning of the structure, the staircase can have a single, double central or modular central stringer. Open staircases can be of a classical or modern type and made with the most varied materials, as well as with shapes that range from the classic straight and linear to the more sophisticate helical shapes.

Typologies of open stairs

Open stairs can be made of the most diverse materials and have a linear or more complex configuration. But what are the most common typologies of open staircases? One of the most sought-after is certainly the L-shaped open staircase. Great for tiny and irregular spaces, it is especially used when there are three walls and allows to rise very quickly thanks to the double fan even in a small space. With their strong visual impact and recommended for large open spaces, straight open staircases develop in length and open to a stunning view from above. Extremely popular are also double ramp open staircases, that feature an intermediate landing that, if large enough, can be duly furnished. Finally, we find the polygonal open staircase, contained within a single compartment, is the ideal choice for a living or dining room: enclosed by three walls that usually contain plumbing and electrical system.

Materials of open stairs

Open staircases are a versatile solution able to match both the desire of warmth of those who long for the elegance of classic style furnishing and the need of modernity proper of a house with a strong contemporary footprint. With open staircases it is possible to create contamination and alternations between materials in a way that glass is coupled with wood, metal with glass, wood with metal, in an ongoing interplay of contrasts between lights and colors, lightness and opacity. This is certainly a solution that cannot be ignored if you wish your staircase to be a real furnishing element within an elegant and striking house context. Open staircases in metal guarantee a maximum level of customization thanks to the diverse colors and effects they can be characterized of (burnishing, rust, brushing). On the other hand, the warmth of wood is an ideal choice for those who wish to evoke a mountain and rustic environment. To date this is still a very much appreciated choice. Open staircases in wood are conceived and manufactured in order to last through time, made of solid or beach wood. The choice of open staircases in glass will definitely turn into a decisively more modern outcome, being often made with invisible supporting structures able to guarantee a powerful visual impact. The main characteristic of open stairs is its supporting structure and it is important that this abides by all the safety and functional requirements set by the regulations in force. The choice of the color matters too, since open staircases can be considered as fully fledged furnishing complements that can influence the overall style of the house and not solely the mood of the individual rooms where they are installed.

The advantages of choosing an open staircase

One of the advantages of open staircases is that they are very comfortable to be used. This is because they have a quite wide tread (indicating the depth of the step), and riser (indicating the difference in height between one step and the following one) that is quite low. On the aesthetic side as well, open staircases are quite satisfactory. They can be made of an infinite array of materials, for structures that are elegant and flexible enough to suit any style-related need. They also allow a certain degree of aesthetic “lightness”, what makes it possible for open staircases to integrate well in almost any room.

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