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Home automation system


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Home automation system


Home automation system

You are able to operate your windows motorization with classic switches, or with a global home automation system.‎
This second solution offers you new possibilities for a safer and a more comfortable product :
- When you press the start button, all windows close and shutters go down.‎
- There’s no need to get a swich for each service (light, windows, inside curtain, awning, shutter).‎ All these commands can be gathered into only one switch.‎
- Possibility to guide your windows from every Iphone / Ipad.‎
- If you switch on air conditioning, so we automatically close the windows.‎
- If the wind is raisind, so we automatically close the windows.‎
- If the weather forecast predicts rain, we automatically close the windows.‎
- If you want to go to the garden and open the windows, we automatically open the shutter to let you pass.‎
- If a window is still open after ou switched on the alarm, we automatocally close it.‎
- If you want windows to be closed when you turn on television , we do it for you.‎

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