41 Outdoor bar counters

An outdoor bar counter is a furniture that fits very well into big spaces, where you can carve out a corner in the open air to be furnished like an outdoor bar. Usually the counter is lined internally with stainless steel - as the worktop - and it is the physical place where to store the tools used in the preparation of drinks and consumptions. One or more sinks are provided for rinsing, while in the external part of the bar counter there is the so-called service top, in most cases higher than the worktop. It can be built in different materials, even if the most popular remain steel, plastic and wood, usually dependig on the design of the bar cabinet. The last part of the counter is called the undercounter and usually contains a coffered or door refrigerator, ice machine or other appliances that might be useful.

Outdoor bar counters for a single corner

Especially with the arrival of summer, many people choose to design a bar area inside their outdoor space. The garden bar counter is certainly an element to be evaluated with care and attention, both in terms of the design of the element itself and in terms of its function. Being mainly an external element, it must be resistant to atmospheric agents: for this reason, it is usually chosen an outdoor bar counter in polyethylene, a plastic, ductile and light material that boasts a high resistance to chemical agents, water, salt solutions, acids, alcohol and gasoline. It is precisely its non-toxicity and low water absorption properties that make it widely used in the food industry. Then, one of the favourite models is certainly the aluminium garden bar counter: resistant and with a minimalist design, it matches perfectly a modern and hi-tech style. In any case, outdoor bar counters can be made of stone, wood, steel, plastic or composite materials, starting from the simplest models, which include only the worktops, up to those with food trays, integrated refrigerator, ice machine and sink. The most popular model for summer evenings is definitely the illuminated garden bar counter, with elements in translucent transparent polyethylene or other similar materials, which will illuminate the bar corner.

Garden bar furnitures perfect for enjoying the outdoors

When choosing a bar cabinet it is important to take into account the furniture size and the style of the surrounding garden furniture. You can opt for a classic bar cabinet or a garden bar counter in a modern style with thin lines and metal structure. An outdoor bar counter is capable of creating an impressive dining area in the garden or on the terrace, which allows you to enjoy the outdoor space and make the most of it, especially during summer. That's why it's important to choose a bar cabinet that adapts to your needs and that can blend in with the style that characterizes the place.

Trends and inspirations: a perfect outdoor bar corner

The style of an outdoor bar corner can be classic, with various wooden elements, or contemporary, with neon lights and plexiglass decorations. Regardless of the style you choose, you need to make sure that the garden bar counter blends in with the other elements, to achieve the desired effect and create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere, to be enriched with other accessories and furnitures. For example, a set of stools: if made of chrome-plated steel, they can offer a seat with a versatile and comfortable design. And precisely because we are talking about an outdoor environment, the lighting is important: soft, neon, LED, is essential to the success of any choice of furniture. ... More ... less
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