Outdoor ceiling lamps

An evening in the garden under the pergola, a dinner on the terrace, a chat with friends on the balcony. How to light these spaces to enhance them even in the darkest hours of the summer evenings? Choosing the right light is crucial. An outdoor lighting project balanced and studied in detail enhances a location with the creation of light points in the spaces or on the objects to be illuminated and often the right solution is obtained also thanks to the use of outdoor ceiling lamps.
This type of design lamps is able to combine aesthetics and functionality, that's why the elements of this category become real decorative objects, giving an added value to a sector that has always been linked to the concepts of technology and performance.
From the most classic brass ceiling lights to modern design lamps in the latest generation of materials, the outdoor ceiling lighting allows you to illuminate from above in a discreet way, creating bright spots on the area dedicated to outdoor dining and suggestive atmospheres on the rooms dedicated to outdoor relaxation.

Outdoor ceiling lamps: from the dining area to the relaxation area

An outdoor lighting design allows you to fully enjoy your outdoor spaces by highlighting the corners, the most hidden details of a room and giving the opportunity to create the right atmosphere at night not only during the summer, but also during autumn and spring.
In order to choose the right outdoor ceiling lamp, it is necessary to understand which area you need to light: a dining area, a relaxation area or simply a passage area.
If you want a soft atmosphere for the dining area, the lighting of an outdoor ceiling light will be perfect. It is suitable for lunches and dinners in the garden or on the terrace because it makes it possible to light the garden table in a functional way. Led outdoor ceiling lights create a shaded light effect by balancing the light zones well with the shadow zones.
There are many types of outdoor ceiling lights on the market, starting from outdoor ceiling lights to etched or blown glass ceiling lights to create the lighting effect that best suits the context.
If the effect you want to achieve is more pronounced and decisive, you can opt for recessed outdoor ceiling lamps with a more modern style to create more defined cones of light from above that clearly delimit the conviviality area. A recessed ceiling lamp for outdoor use can also be positioned in series to highlight the entire perimeter of a balcony from above.
In the case of an urban terrace it is necessary to choose for outdoor application a product consistent with the lighting of the indoor environment to obtain a harmonious solution: if we have an interior with a minimalist taste, the recessed outdoor ceiling lamps with a modern style lend themselves to use without producing dissonance with the indoor environment, indeed creating continuous and fluid environments.
In the case of relaxation areas, it is undoubtedly necessary to opt for outdoor ceiling lamps that softly and discreetly illuminate the lounge area. Outdoor lamps with light sources with high colour rendering and warm white colour temperature are preferred, which create an intimate atmosphere and leave the beauty of the starry sky unchanged. The warmest light colour tones range from 2700K (warm yellowish light) to 3300K (warm white light).
If, on the other hand, a passage area or the small garage of the villa by the sea is illuminated, the choice is undoubtedly between the functional and durable outdoor bulkhead ceiling lights, resistant to humidity and temperature changes.

Which ceiling lamp to choose?

To choose the right outdoor ceiling light it is important to take into account the style of the terrace, balcony or porch furniture.
For example, to enhance an outdoor location with a modern style, it is essential to choose designer outdoor lamps with a contemporary taste, in this case it is advisable to choose outdoor ceiling lamps made of metal or plastic materials.
The brass outdoor ceiling lamps, on the other hand, are perfectly suited to the more classic and rustic outdoor environments dominated by warm and relaxing colours.
Having an outdoor space allows you to enjoy moments in the open air and this involves attention to the furniture, lighting and undoubtedly consumption. Among the other aspects to consider, as well as the choice of the type of outdoor light, there is therefore the aspect related to energy saving: you can opt for LED outdoor ceiling lamps, which ensure a long life, high quality and control of energy consumption, not forgetting the decorative aspect.

Outdoor ceiling lighting: technical characteristics

A fundamental requirement of outdoor ceiling lamps is common to all outdoor lighting devices: resistance to UV rays, humidity, temperature changes, more generally to atmospheric agents. The characteristics and properties are fundamental for the choice of outdoor lamps, just think that outdoor ceiling lamps are also used in environments that are more subject to humidity such as in a garage or under a pergola near the sea.
For this reason the outdoor lamps are made of corrosion-proof and watertight materials and have an IP (Enclosure Protection Degree) followed by a pair of numbers, the first digit indicates the degree of protection against the risk of infiltration of a solid body (value from 1 to 6) and the second digit indicates the degree of protection against the risk of infiltration of liquid substances (value from 1 to 8).
If, for example, an outdoor ceiling lamp has the IP65 code, this means that it is totally protected against the penetration of dust, water drops, steam and jets of water and this makes it ideal to be placed under the pergola near the pool.

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