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Outdoor fireplaces

The outdoor fireplaces are particularly versatile elements, able to create a pleasant atmosphere in outdoor spaces - making them usable even on cold days - and some variations also allow you to cook outdoors through special grills. Available in a variety of models, the outdoor fireplaces meet different style requirements while retaining their functional soul. One of the typical functions of this type of outdoor furniture is to make the outdoor environment more livable. Based on the type of food, then, you can identify two main categories: outdoor gas fireplaces, able to reproduce the atmosphere of traditional fire, and outdoor bioethanol fireplaces, an alcohol of vegetable nature that releases water vapor, carbon dioxide and heat.

Outdoor fireplaces: distinctive elements of an outdoor space

In addition to the design of the model, the outdoor fireplaces differ from each other depending on whether they are open chamber or closed chamber. Open outdoor fireplaces are characterized by a combustion chamber closed on two or three sides, while the flame is completely visible from the free parts. Closed outdoor fireplaces, on the other hand, are those in which the sides of the combustion chamber (generally square or rectangular) are shielded by a sort of glass wall that allows the flame to be seen. Among the various types of fireplaces, that of suspended outdoor fireplaces is also very common. These are outdoor fireplaces that are not connected to the floor and do not rest on any structure. On the contrary, they are anchored to the ceiling. The result is a flame that is produced inside them, clearly visible in mid-air, creating a heating element that at the same time furnishes the space in a suggestive way. Built-in outdoor fireplaces (or insert fireplaces), on the other hand, are composed of a small monobloc fireplace, ideal to be placed in small rooms. Recessed outdoor fireplaces can be inserted into the openings of old fireplaces that are no longer in use and are quick to install, without the intervention of technicians or building modifications, and are easier to choose in terms of cladding. The models of freestanding outdoor fireplaces do not require masonry work and can be placed in any type of environment, thanks to their vertical development that greatly reduces the size.

The material makes the difference: garden fireplaces are the protagonists of outdoor furniture

An outdoor fireplace is important for those who want to combine aesthetics and design with high functionality. For this reason, there are different types of outdoor chimney, made of different materials. Steel is certainly one of the most widely used: bioethanol steel outdoor fireplaces are the best solution for those who prefer a modern style of furniture and design. Steel is a material that blends perfectly with glass which, when placed on certain sides of the fireplace, allows the flame to interact with it in maximum safety. For this reason, an outdoor fireplace made of steel and glass is the distinctive element of many tables and certainly promotes conversation, ensuring a suggestive atmosphere. It is also possible to choose between central outdoor fireplaces and corner outdoor fireplaces: the choice in this case is based on the effect of light and the feeling of warmth that you want to recreate through the positioning of the outdoor fireplace.

Styles and models: outdoor fireplaces for suggestive atmospheres

The outdoor fireplaces are available in different styles and models from modern design to traditional-looking products. It starts with the most classic model in stone or masonry, ideal for furnishing a garden in rustic style, to get to outdoor fireplaces in modern style, with geometric shapes and particularly equipped. The choice of style depends largely on the way you decide to use the fireplace. If you choose to customize a corner of the living area, it is preferable to choose outdoor fireplaces made with materials that enhance the natural beauty of the flame. Those who prefer more rustic environments can opt for ground fireplaces, also called "fire pit": around these braziers you can place wooden chairs or rustic benches, to fully enjoy the charming atmosphere created by the fire.

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