Outdoor fireplaces and heaters

The outdoor stoves, braziers and garden fireplaces allow you to comfortably enjoy an outdoor space in any season. Actually, outdoor stoves and fireplaces allow to heat in a localized way a portion of the garden or terrace and make it usable even in the coldest seasons. Many types of outdoor stoves are available on the market, which often have the same shape and size of an indoor stove. The gas stove is still the most popular model, but the outdoor radiant stove is a solution that is rapidly gaining ground. It does not heat the air, but the surface of objects and people, without dissipating heat. Outdoor fireplaces can be freestanding or built-in, table-top or suspended, and should be chosen according to the available space and personal needs.

Design and function: outdoor stoves

There are many outdoor heaters available on the market and among these the most common is the outdoor gas stove, which is fed by gas cylinders. In the case of mushroom heaters, on the other hand, the fuel is distributed by a fixed installation. The radiant outdoor heater does not heat the air but distributes heat evenly over the surface of objects and people. The heating is immediate and therefore the time frames are reduced, compared to those needed by a traditional garden stove to light and heat. As for the shape, in addition to the mushroom shape, there are outdoor tower stoves and outdoor table stoves.

An outdoor fireplace to heat the outdoor space

The outdoor fireplace is a fixed solution that not only allows you to heat but, depending on the model, also to cook. Before choosing the design of the model, however, it is important to evaluate the space available and make a careful design. The stone fireplace is a suitable solution for a space in rustic style. A fireplace with a wood-burning oven offers the possibility of cooking and for this reason it is often installed to complete the outdoor dining area. ... More ... less ... More ... less ... More ... less

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