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Outdoor fireplaces and heaters

Functional decorative and of design, fireplaces, stoves and braziers for the outdoor complete the furnishing of your outdoor environment and make it possible to enjoy this space all year long. If your terrace, veranda or garden have been designed and equipped as an extension of the indoor space, such element allow to heat a portion of the environment and use it also when the climate I harsher. The market offers plenty of these complements typologies and the choice of the product and model can rely on many factors. For instance, in order to heat an open space, or one that is sheltered on more sides, or closed as verandas and winter gardens may be, the solutions are different The same applies if we take into account the use we want to make of the outdoor space in winter time, whether continuous or occasional.

Outdoor fireplaces: the timeless charm of fire

Outdoor fireplaces are able to create an evocative atmosphere thanks to fire, an element of ageless charm. The more traditional models require the presence of a hood connected to a chimney to disperse the combustion fumes, especially for wood-fired fireplaces. In this case a qualified technician will be necessary for the installation, next to the needed masonry works. Among the fireplaces with hood, you can opt for one of the most scenic and trendy solutions, namely that of suspended fireplaces. For those who seek alternative solutions, which do not include the presence of a hood, it is possible to count on a quick and cheaper installation thanks to bioethanol or gas fireplaces. In addition to classic wall-mounted fireplaces, you can opt for freestanding models that merge together functionality and design. The possibility to place them practically anywhere, allows to set up settings of a powerful aesthetic impact. Practical and versatile, table fireplaces, also apt to be used indoors, are ideal for heating the dining area, while creating a charming atmosphere at the same time. Among the most up-to-date models, built-in fireplaces, to be positioned on the wall or on the ground, contribute to create a welcoming atmosphere and unique settings, since they can easily adapt to any configuration.

Outdoor heaters, where functionality meets design

The latest models of outdoor heaters are ideal for those who prefer a practical and efficient solution combined with quality design. If for fireplaces and braziers it is necessary to follow some common sense rules to ensure safety, such as respecting certain distances from flammable materials, for outdoor stoves the freedom of installation is near to infinite. Obviously this rule applies to last generation models with an electric or infrared power, as they do not produce flames. A maximum level of functionality is ensured by outdoor lamps with heaters that can either be freestanding or be installed on the ceiling or the wall. Anyhow, in a way not to give up on the fire fascination, it is possible to opt for gas-powered heaters, for instance by choosing an attractive tower heater model.

The brazier, a solution with a scenic effect

Braziers are the ideal solution for those who do not want to give up the alluring charm of fire. Less bulky than a traditional fireplace, handy and versatile, braziers make it possible to recreate the intimate and welcoming atmosphere of the hearth around which the family once gathered. The market opens to a wide range of products made of various materials, which allow to meet every need. From metal braziers to those made of natural stone, up to models in concrete, braziers are generally fueled by wood; next to heating, they can also turn into a barbecue, to arrange a barbecue outdoor no matter what is the season.

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