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Outdoor floor lamps

Designing proper outdoor lighting means creating unique atmospheres with which to enhance the garden, the terrace and any outdoor space in general. For the choice of outdoor lighting it is essential to understand which type of lamp helps to highlight the elements on which you want to pay more attention, through games of shadows and lights, exploiting the potential of your outdoor space. The use of outdoor floor lamps allows to light a room in a discreet and personalized way, combining functionality and aesthetics thanks to versatile design models, ranging from modern proposals to classic looking products.

Floor lamps for outdoor use: how to choose the right type

More and more often we hear about lighting design, based on the study of the relationship between light and the space in which it propagates, based also on the objects affected by the direct or reflected beam. This type of design is very important in an outdoor environment, be it a garden or a terrace, in order to create small illuminated paths or cosy outdoor lounges. So how to choose the perfect type of outdoor floor lamp?
Outdoor floor lamps can be of various types and shapes, from the classic small, medium and high floor lamps to arched floor lamps, adjustable or wireless floor lamps, and must be installed according to both the need for light and personal taste. The classic outdoor floor lamp can be positioned in a corner of the terrace, to softly illuminate a relaxation area. An arched floor lamp, on the other hand, creates light spots that highlight certain details and is ideal for light spots on tables or coffee tables.
For this reason it is advisable to place one near the outdoor dining&lunch area.
If the space to be illuminated is characterized by a lot of greenery, an interesting choice is to choose garden floor lamps that enhance the contrasts. The most suitable are the outdoor LED floor lamps for outdoor use, which create a diffused atmosphere thanks to the use of light and colour, and the outdoor floor lamps with dimmers, which can be adjusted according to the time of day, giving your garden an attractive ambience all day long. LED garden lamps are among the most popular, providing safe lighting and significant energy savings.
Another necessity that leads us to have to choose an outdoor floor lamp, is to illuminate a dark driveway. For example the main driveway leading to the front door of the house or other paths around a villa. Outdoor floor lamps are the perfect solution: they can be placed along the path at regular intervals, illuminating the essentials and creating a welcoming and restful atmosphere that gently accompanies you home.

Floor lamps for a unique and personal outdoor style

Owning an outdoor space is a privilege that not everyone can afford and for this reason those who can enjoy it can enhance the environment not only by choosing design furniture but by defining the style of their outdoor space. The advantage of owning a floor lamp lies in the possibility of being able to move it when and where you prefer, to create new light spots and to illuminate a relaxation area or an outdoor dining area.
Particular attention deserves the modern outdoor floor lamps, which thanks to their innovative design add an advantage to functionality and allow us to place them where we want, creating the desired environment and furnishing the outdoor space with style and design.
If instead we prefer a more traditional and sophisticated style, we could consider classic style outdoor floor lamps, opting for example for traditional metal street lamps or wooden outdoor floor lamps that recall timeless atmospheres and are ideal for a classic furnishing style.

The best material: outdoor floor lamps in aluminium, plastic and glass

Outdoor floor lamps are essential for living on the terrace or in the garden during all seasons, so they are made of materials that are waterproof and resistant to atmospheric agents and wear. The aluminium outdoor floor lamps are perfect for a modern and contemporary outdoor style. They are durable and lightweight and respond well to rain and moisture. A design floor lamp for outdoor that uses this material, is the TOLOMEO XXL OUTDOOR by Artemide, the giant version of one of the icons of Italian design in the field of lighting.
Glass floor lamps for outdoor use have a fascinating aesthetic, while being very resistant, especially in the case of outdoor plexiglass floor lamps and are perfect if you love the charm and lightness of this material. Plastic outdoor floor lamps are among the most widely used because they are perfect for outdoor use 365 days a year, thanks to their weatherproof material and ease of cleaning.

Rainproof outdoor floor lamps

When we choose a floor lamp for our garden, it is important to take into account not only elegance and style but also weather resistance. In addition to being beautiful and versatile, as they are often in contact with water, these lamps must have the right degree of IP protection. This parameter consists of two digits: the first number refers to resistance to solids (sand and dust) and the second to liquid substances. Depending on where you place your floor lamp, you can then choose a different IP.
Normally, for areas more exposed to wind and rain, a minimum degree of protection of IP43 is preferred, unlike, for example, lamps protected by a patio, which may have a lower IP.
If the area we have to illuminate is particularly sunny, in addition to the degree of protection, we can also think of an ecological solution: solar-powered floor lamps; they recharge during the day by transforming the stored solar energy into electricity to illuminate at night.

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