Outdoor kitchens

If you fancy living en plein air and have a garden or large terrace at your disposal, what you cannot miss is an outdoor kitchen. The popular culture wanted outdoor kitchens to be made of stone work, but in recent years the concept of the outdoor space has gone through several iterations. The progresses related to materials and technologies has led to the contemporary idea of the garden as something that resembles a natural continuation of the house. By necessity, this translates in having contemporary outdoor kitchens that are functional and most of all resistant to weather conditions. The choice of the perfect outdoor kitchen may rest on various factors such as the use frequency, the space available and the personal preferences with regards to the outdoor design and furnishing. This is why outdoor kitchens come in a variety of solutions ranging from more compact models, ideal for modest-sized spaces, to more complete kitchens, allowing to set up a fully fixed cooking station.

Movable masonry outdoor kitchens: materials and functionality

When we decide to place a kitchen outdoor we need to take into account some details and avoid to make an incautious choice or one that is solely based upon our own style preferences. Choosing an outdoor kitchen means figuring out how frequently we will use it, how large the space of destination is and the overall furnishing style. In the absence of specific requirements and if the kitchen is not aimed at the preparation of elaborate dishes, a simple kitchen equipped with a grill or a plate with external gas tank, a sink and a tiny worktop will be fine. If we are rather looking for a full optional outdoor kitchen, modular kitchen systems offer more functions. Moreover, when looking for a space-saving solution modular and functional movable kitchens are the most common choice; kitchens in stone can be considered in order to arrange a fixed cooking area. In the first case, a modular compact kitchen can come in diverse variants, from stainless steel outdoor kitchens, to those in Corian®. Outdoor masonry kitchens, are fixed installations in all respects. Therefore the materials chosen should be able to withstand atmospheric agents and ensure durability. Stone makes for an excellent solution as it does not need to be painted or maintained with some specific interventions. Besides being functional and flexible, depending on how it is assembled, stone can bring an utterly elegant, refined and vaguely country appeal to any garden.

Types of functioning for outdoor kitchens

Among the most common outdoor kitchen models, there are certainly those in stainless steel, often used in combination with wood. As a matter of fact, outdoor kitchens in stainless steel and wood blend in perfectly with the outdoor environment. As for how they operate, there are gas outdoor kitchens, where each element is separate and that features all the functions expected for a kitchen; electrical outdoor kitchens, that only need an external connection to the home electricity to operate.

The must-have elements of outdoor kitchens

There are a host of solutions to set up an outdoor kitchen. This is why it is of utmost importance to keep some key aspects in mind. Apart from the weather conditions, it is necessary to figure out where to locate the cooking area, in a way not to contaminate the space where the food will be eaten with excessive smokes and smells. The sink is for sure one among the most needed elements for an outdoor kitchen. In a compact kitchen it can be replaced by a tank, with the cooking area with burners and grills being preferably made of a hybrid system and a worktop. An outdoor kitchen can also be equipped with a fridge. However this will depend on the space available and the connection with electricity. In any case, by choosing a modular fitted outdoor kitchen the cooktop can be customized to a maximum extent. If you love having family and friends over at lunch or dinner, an outdoor kitchen with barbecue is definitely more fun and pleasing to use when cooking for your guests. The same can be said for kitchens with a grill, thought for lovers of broiled food.

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