Outdoor showers

Outdoor showers are extremely functional elements, that turn out especially useful in gardens. They are often placed next to a swimming pool and are normally used to freshen up a bit in hot summer days and wash the chlorine off the skin immediately after having a nice swim. This accessory can also be installed on the grass or under an awning, making for a comfortable spot where to get a shower in the open air in total freedom, possibly shaded by a plant. Outdoor showers are a refined and elegant plus as for their aesthetics and design, but also as a practical solution; they are particularly so in houses with people living in, where it is frequent to have guests and friends over to share some spare time outside; an outdoor shower can be used by everybody without having to access the house and the bathroom. The offer of garden showers reflects diverse tastes and needs related to materials, shapes and sizes. The range spans from showers that resemble miniature spas, to portable models that work by simply connecting the pipe that is used to water the plants.

Types of outdoor showers

Outdoor showers are mainly made up of a spout, a mixer for hot and cold water, a metal bar covered in thermoplastic or wood and a base. They can also be supplied with a small hand shower or a handy footwasher. The shower tray for the outdoor is normally made in freestanding and nonslip polyethylene, easy to install and place on a perfectly level floor.
In any case, in order to carefully choose an outdoor shower it is important to keep in mind some different aspects and first of all how frequently it will be used. A portable outdoor shower for instance, is the most recommended for occasional use. Placed on a tripod or a platform, this kind of shower is easy to carry and uninstall so to be put back in the corner of the garden or a garage with no effort. If on the other hand a shower needs to integrate with the environment and be used on an almost daily basis, like with the showers placed next to the swimming pool, it is better to opt for a fixed model or a wall-mounted outdoor shower. A value-for-money solution is ensured by solar showers that use solar light to warm the water at a temperature that is ideal to enter and leave the swimming pool. These special accessories work by accumulating the thermal energy or by means of solar panels. In the first case, the shower is to be positioned on a sunny area to allow the water tank to heat up. When the sun sets, the tank will keep the water temperature constant, allowing the shower to be used till the water reserve is exhausted. The modern design of solar showers add to their versatility as well as to their capability to fit in with a multitude of contexts, both in the with portable or fixed variants.

Materials and accessories for outdoor showers

The materials, accessories, power source, positioning and installation of outdoor showers are also elements to be though out when choosing an outdoor shower. Showers in stainless steel and PVC are more recommended to get a more solid and enduring product. In order to guarantee a better comfort, on the other hand, some models are supplied with a mixer that enables to control the water temperature. The capacity of the water tank determines the volume of the hot water available. The greater the tank, the longer the time during which hot water will be available. Stainless steel generally characterizes the main elements of the bar; but what materials are used to make masonry outdoor showers? These are mainly three and are bricks, stone and wood. Outdoor showers in stone and bricks are essentially highly enduring to wear and atmospheric agents. As a matter of fact, in spite of the fact they are exposed to seasonality, their aesthetic qualities stay unchanged also after many years. Moreover, thanks to the versatility of such a material it is possible to customize the shower for any environment. Differently from masonry or stone showers, wood outdoor showers are reel design elements that easily and naturally fuse with the external space.

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