Outdoor steplights

Outdoor steplights are commonly fixed on the floor or on the wall with the aim to warn about the presence of possible obstacles and light up the walkable area. However, their purpose is not uniquely to pinpoint floor unevenness, steps and extra-ordinary objects, but also to decorate and enrich with light, thus complementing the outside of a house or a building, by making it look cozier. Steplight spotlights are the perfect solutions for those who own a large backyard or terrace and do not only wish to show walkways, pathways and routes to ensure a safe and comfortable passage, but also wishes to highlight specific points of the area, thus creating authentic bright spots. It is possible to find a multitude of steplights on the market, among which there are LED steplights, outdoor wall-mounted steplights and outdoor walkable LED steplights.

Outdoor wall-mounted steplights: light to the surface

Alternatively to being fixed on the floor, steplight spotlights can be placed in the lower part of a wall. As a result, the direction of the light beam will change. In case the spotlight is fixed on the floor it will point upwards, while if the light is fixed against the wall the light will be horizontally spread. Otherwise said, when the steplights are positioned on the lower part of the wall, their purpose is not to show the way, but to illuminate the walkable area, adding on to the final result of the outdoor design project with versatile design models. The market offers plenty of models for wall-mounted outdoor steplights. On top of the hit for this category there certainly are aluminium LED steplights.

Wall-mounted and floor recessed LED steplights: safety and aesthetics

Outdoor LED steplights are among the most perfect solutions to lighten walkways, ramps, stairways and staircases under limited visibility conditions and ensure higher safety especially at night. It is possible to find them on the market both in the floor recessed version – this is the case of outdoor floor steplights – and in the wall-mounted version – outdoor wall-mounted steplights. Being energy-efficient devices, their usage allows to significantly optimize costs, an aspect not to be overlooked in the case of light sources that need to be lit for long periods of time.

Lighted pathways with walkable steplights

Among the various steplight models available, the most commonly used are floor steplight spotlights that look extremely discrete and can be installed in two rows, so to trace a pathway. They are planned to resist weight, impacts and atmospheric agents, do not obstruct and – in the case of remarkably intense streams of light – can also be used to enhance specific aspects of the outdoor space. As for recessed floor walkable LED spotlights, they are extraordinarily robust and allow to drive on them with cars or other means.

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