Outdoor table lamps

Whether for the indoor or the outdoor, table lamps are a furnishing accessory that thanks to their modest size can perfectly match any space furniture in a discreet and significant way at the same time. Among all the lamps that a home or a garden can house, table lamps are certainly the most subjected to be switched on and off, to be re-stirred, dimmed and moved. And it’s exactly when speaking of repositioning that outdoor table lamps come into play. Due to the obvious lack of a close power source they are usually wireless, light and easily portable. In a second the light can be moved from the table to the poolside, passing through the garden lounge area, all without any impediment from cables and plugs.

Outdoor lamps running on rechargeable wireless batteries

One of the most common requirements when buying a garden lamp is the total absence of wires and cables. Over the years, what seemed to be a prerequisite of outdoor lamps has become a common choice also for indoor lamps. As a result, a merely functional need has become an aesthetic response to the most disparate requests. The certainty is that outdoor wireless table lamps have the peculiarity that any design garden lamp ought to possess. The reasons for that are evident and definitely sufficient to justify their purchase: easy repositioning, contained size, robust materials, durability, not to mention their eco-friendliness. The same goes for USB outdoor table lamps that most of the times do not have cables due to the fact that they are equipped with a USB entrance that allows recharging the lamp and smartphones. A great solution for a dinner with friends!

How do solar-powered table lamps work?

Solar-powered lamps are the best environmental-friendly choice one can make as far as garden lamps are concerned. Planning the electric system in the outdoor area is always a though nut to crack, especially if done once the building is completed, rather then in the construction phase. Therefore, solar-powered lamps are the optimal solution. Gone the wires, gone the problems. But how does the recharge through solar panels exactly work? The rechargeable battery is fully connected to solar panels that stow as much light as possible during the light hours to release it at night. The same panel enables the automatic switching on and off of the solar-powered table lamp, although the market offers models supplied with a manual button for manual switching as well. The panel tends to stock more light than needed so that in rainy days the recharge is enough to make the lamp work.

Table lamps or lanterns? An aesthetic choice between design and tradition

Depending on the furnishings chosen for the outdoor area, there certainly is the right lamp that can somehow resonate style and expectations. From traditional LED table lamps, to RGB lamps enabling a purposeful control of light, passing through vintage-style lanterns. The options are endless, there is only to choose.
One could assume lanterns to be an automatic choice to suit classic-style spaces, being among the most dated lighting fixtures. Surprisingly enough, it is not like that. It is as easy to find lamp tables with a classic vibe, as it is finding modern lanterns. Just try and understand the appeal you want to give a space and it is done. Materials too can come in help when choosing the perfect lamp. For a modern and playful ambiance, polythene outdoor table lamps are a guaranted success as they are safe and stylish. Metal lamps, on their hand, usually feature more traditional, linear and stigmatized shapes, which in any case do not make them less attractive than the former. On the contrary, if the wish is to bring a piece of the home outside, no material allows to do that better than wood. The warmth conveyed by a wood outdoor lamp is unobtainable with any other material. Only mind that wood be treated and resistant to atmospheric agents.

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