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Outdoor, for sale

Outdoor, for sale

In recent years, outdoor spaces have received a progressively increasing attention, as showed by the variety and quality of the products proposed by the companies in this sector. From furniture to covering, passing through a series of complements, on Archiproducts you will find everything that is needed in order to design the outdoor spaces, both private or public. The outdoor areas are today seen as a fully fledged extension of the indoor and garden furniture are ever more chosen with special care and attention. The firms that are more sensitive towards such a transformation have managed to innovate their products, thanks to a cutting-edge technology. The main characteristic of outdoor furniture is indeed their endurance to atmospheric agents, due to which the quality of the materials is of utmost relevance. The product design is not a minor factor as it allows to customize the space and define its aesthetics and style.

Quality outdoor flooring, materials and finishes with a strong aesthetic impact

The project of an outdoor space begins with the choice of outdoor flooring that should first of all comply with specific technical requirements. A good outdoor flooring should be resistant to climate-related stresses and at the same time comply with certain safety norms, in the first place those regarding anti-slip. The coverings of driveway areas, in addition, must have a high resistance to heavy loads. Among the materials, the most appreciated by designers is certainly porcelain stoneware, a solution of great versatility that allows you to create flooring in continuity with the interior. Very trendy is the decking, or outdoor parquet, made with very solid wood suitable to cover terraces, patios, poolsides. In alternative you can op for outdoor continuous flooring, made of resin or cement-based materials, that are laid in one or more layers. On top of that, there is a whole array of flooring with dry laying, such as solid self-locking paving or the classic garden gravel.

Choosing furniture and complements to equip your outdoor area

Designing and furnishing your outdoor area allows to gain an extra room to enjoy at best in the warm season. A thought-out outdoor furniture allows to customize the outdoor at a maximum level, combining functionality and aesthetics. On the basis of the available space, the outdoor area can be equipped with a living area, a dining area, a solarium, a swimming pool. As far as the living area furniture is concerned, the offer ranges from outdoor seating such as sofas, armchairs, poufs, to garden beds and so on. Today’s selection is wide and rich, with design products characterized by top qualitative standards. Design and quality also for the dining area, with tables and outdoor chairs conceived for public and private spaces. The most current trends see outdoor kitchens as the protagonists of the outdoor dining areas also in the house setting, while the idea of setting up an outdoor bar corner, complete of countertop and footstools, is ever more gaining ground. A dream for many, the fascination of swimming pools still does not fade, also thanks to compact mini models that can be inserted basically anywhere. The swimming pool area can be equipped with a solarium, by placing all along the side sun loungers or garden daybeds with a contemporary design. In order to complete the design project of your outdoor space furniture, it is fundamental to have accessories and complements that allow to customize and grace the space, such as carpets, cushions, and last but not least lighting, with a selection of lanterns and lamps for the outdoor.

Well-being even in the open air, thanks to fireplaces and shading systems

In order for the outdoor area to be functional and comfortable, it needs to grant well-being at a maximum degree. Being external area, the terrace or garden have to live with the whims of the weather. Wind, rain, cold or excessive hot weather can negatively impact the use of this space even during summer. This is why a good outdoor project should necessarily foresee one or more shading systems. The selection is wide and diversified so as to meet all requirements. It includes awnings and garden umbrellas, of all sizes for balconies and terraces, up to pergolas and gazebos for spaces of a generous size. Greatly on fashion in recent years are heating systems for the outdoor, a solution that enable to make use of the outdoor even during winter. There is no lack of choice between outdoor fireplaces, recessed or freestanding, outdoor heaters and scenic braziers.

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Outdoor, for sale

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