An indispensable complement to the furniture of any kitchen, the oven is the appliance par excellence with which you can cook the most tasty and spectacular dishes, as well as being extremely versatile and functional. For a practical kitchen that doesn't renounce the quality of food, the oven is an unfailing tool: to install it, in fact, it takes little space and integrates perfectly with the rest of the furniture. It can be placed in the compartment below the stove or in the column. The first solution saves more space and is very convenient if you like to have everything at hand without having to move around while cooking. The column oven, on the other hand, is located in a different compartment from the cookers and is therefore easier to operate and also safer.

Electric and gas ovens

Before choosing the type of oven to put in your kitchen, you should first consider whether a gas or electric oven is preferable. While the first one is powered by methane and in addition to allowing a considerable saving of electricity, it guarantees an excellent cooking, the second one has several accessory functions that optimize cooking times and modes, moreover it can be freely positioned inside the kitchen. The lack of a real fire makes it safer than a gas one, even if the consumption is not as low: a convection oven model, in fact, can consume much more electricity, even if on the other hand it is able to ensure a greater hold of the temperature and therefore a more uniform cooking of food.
Modern oven models currently on the market are often equipped with cleaning systems that exploit pyrolysis, a chemical process of decomposition of organic materials through the application of heat. In pyrolytic ovens the dirt and grease present are then directly burned, without the need to use detergents or cleaning products.

Functionality and cooking modes of modern ovens

Increasingly technological, built-in ovens require less space than free-standing models and are therefore the most commonly used type. In addition to the functional and practical aspect, such a solution ensures the kitchen looks tidier and more stylistically consistent. Depending on your needs, you can choose between electric, gas or wood-fired models or opt for types with additional options such as steam ovens. Among the many functions available in the electric oven, the main ones are static and fan (convection) cooking. While static cooking is slow and less uniform compared to the convection oven, but it is more delicate and allows foods that need it to rise properly, the convection oven is fast and cooks evenly thanks to the airflow that spreads the heat.
Ovens that combine the functions of a convection electric oven with those of a microwave with grill offer good performance in traditional cooking with hot air and the possibility to increase efficiency and reduce time and consumption.
Then there are the combi ovens, which have the normal fan cooking with the steam cooking function and therefore allow to carry out particular and specific cooking cycles.
The wide choice of models, from simple static ovens to convection or thermal convection multifunction ovens, satisfies every need, both in functional and aesthetic terms.
We are talking about a modern household appliance, simple to use and often equipped with advanced features. Self-cleaning system, double oven, many cooking modes and Wi-Fi connectivity: this is what a latest generation electric oven can offer.

The right oven for any space requirement

Unique appliances capable of combining different materials such as stainless steel, brass, glass and enameled surfaces, the ovens combine traditional functions with the most innovative technologies. However, it is important to take into account other important elements: the evaluation of space and size, as well as the type of door and recess. In classic style kitchens, generally the oven is placed under the hob, where it is more convenient to install connections, pipes and systems. If you have limited space available, this is still the most practical and easy to manage solution.
If, on the other hand, you have a larger room available, where you can design a kitchen equipped with every comfort, the oven can be installed in a different position, so that it can combine practicality and aesthetics. In modern design it is now common to talk about column mounted appliances: if the oven is installed in this way it is good to remember not to place it less than 100/110 cm from the floor so that it is practical in daily use and does not pose a danger to children.
As far as the type of door is concerned, the classic oven opening is vertical from top to bottom with the handle positioned at the top of the door. However, there are also solutions with side opening, which allow you to decide more freely where to place the oven.
Another element to take into consideration is undoubtedly the control panel. The most modern ovens are equipped with a digital control panel, in which there is a display with buttons or knobs dedicated to the various functions. The models of ovens with touch screens, in addition to being more aesthetically appealing, often imply the possibility to adjust in more detail the various functions of customization of the firing programs.

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