Thermo-acustic reflecting insulation system


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Thermo-acustic reflecting insulation system


Fiber Cement

Isolareflex: new thermo-acustic reflecting insulation system for external wall thermal coat.‎ Only 9 cm thickness.‎
Important news for OVER-ALL SRL at Klimahouse 2019, that will introduce: Isolareflex, a product born from the cooperation with other leading brands in the market.‎ An innovative thermal coat with high thermal benefits for existing buildings.‎ All parts that make up the system Isolareflex are certified.‎ A thermo-acustic system with installation certification.‎
Compared to traditional coats, it is much more efficient because it uses the reflecting power of pure aluminum and insulating air, natural principles that allow the thermal and acoustic insulation to be obtained with approx.‎ twice the thickness of traditional insulating coats.‎
Isolareflex has simply brought into the building industry the solutions commonly used in everyday life that take advantage of the insulating power of aluminum and air.‎

Isolareflex offers a unique continuous barrier on the building facade which, besides having very high thermal-acoustic insulation values, ensures an improvement in the thermal performance of the entire building and offers all the countless advantages associated with the use of the Isolareflex building system, namely:
· Completely dry construction system in which the installation does not require gluing but rather mechanical anchors.‎
· Construction system composed of elements with extremely high durability over time;
· Construction system that guarantees high architectural and plant engineering flexibility determined by the possible lodging of electric cables inside the counter-wall;
· Constructive system that preserves the building's structures from external atmospheric agents and from the corrosive phenomena deriving from the exposure of the structure in a marine environment;
· Very versatile construction system equipped with a mechanism for adjusting nuts and washers that allows the leveling of the structure on any type of support;
· Constructive system composed of eco-friendly elements containing recycled and recyclable material;
· 20 Years guaranteed construction system with a durability of over 50 years;
· Tax deductible with the Ecobonus incentives for energy redevelopment;

Further details

Also ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY has not been neglected
The Isolareflex building system has been designed with great attention to environmental sustainability, ensuring the use of materials from renewable sources and recycled and recyclable materials.
In this regard, this building system provides the use of eco-compatible materials such as:
- Mineralized wood fiber (100% renewable material);
- Fiber cement panel (with 20% recycled material);
- Thermal-reflecting insulation Over-foil Multistrato 19 (with 70% recycled and 70% renewable material);
Over-all srl has been operating for years in a flexible and avant-garde way in highly technological sectors where competence, experience and in-depth technical knowledge cover aspects of crucial importance. The continuous search for new and valid technologies has led Over-all srl to cooperate with other leading companies in the market, supplying its own reflecting insulation product in pure aluminum which makes-up the heart of the Isolareflex system.

Thickness: 9 cm

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