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Paints and varnishes

The final coat on internal and external walls and ceilings requires the application of paint on the last layer of plaster. The plaster type that was used (water binders, cement or gypsum types) determines the kind of paint you can use. Among the most commonly used ones, because of its convenience, there’s water paint. It’s a concentrated compound of loads, additives and resins that have to be diluted in water before use. The concentration of those substances determines the quality of the product which is usually sold in white. You then add pigments during the dilution of the product. The products that don’t need to be diluted with water but need other solvents are usually called paint and are used for specific purposes such as condensate formation avoidance or to consolidate existing paint coatings. Varnishes, as opposed to paint, have a transparent finish that lets the base visible and are used for specific purposes such as fire protection, waterproofing or the deactivation of hygroscopic salts that are in the walls that cause humidity stains. In this large section of the catalogue you can find all the products for the final coat of walls, ceramic, metal or wood: washable water paints, breathable and water resistant paints for internal and external walls, tempera paint for ceilings, decorating paint for fancy interiors, protective varnishes, insulating and fire resistant paints as well as enamels, solvents, additives and wood and metal protection treatments such as flattings and rust converters. ... More ... less ... More ... less ... More ... less

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