Papembood® PAPEMBOOD® Ecological material for furniture and objects


PAPEMBOOD® By Papembood®


Ecological material for furniture and objects

Papembood® is an ecological and sustainable multilayer panel thanks to which it is possible to create furnishings with a refined design with high properties of mechanical resistance and sturdiness.‎ Produced with recycled pulp colored cardboard and sliced bamboo, both FSC® certified, Papembood® is completely respectful of the environment, both during its production process and at the end of the object's life; in fact, it is easily disassembled and recyclable.‎ Furthermore, thanks to its composition, it is free of Formaldehyde, therefore also suitable for furnishing children.‎ It was created to meet the needs of the consumer: thanks to an unlimited range of colors and thicknesses, it allows great customization of the finished product.‎

The three factors that determine the final appearance of the Papembood® material are: the colors of the cardboard, the type of surface finish and the thickness of the panel.‎ Combining and matching these factors can generate many variations.‎ Papembood® has better or similar characteristics to materials composed of paper/wood and resin, but with a lower density and greater elasticity.‎

Finishes and colors available:
The internal colors of the carton currently available are: red, green, grey, orange, brown, black, blue.‎ Other colors are available upon request.‎ The bamboo surface finishes are: natural color vertical knot bamboo, caramel color vertical knot bamboo.‎

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Standard dimensions: 1600 x 1200 mm, further dimensions on request
Standard thicknesses: 10 mm – 15 mm, further thicknesses on request

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