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Automatic parking systems

Shuttlepark T is a parking model wherein cars are moved by an integral-lift carriage.‎ This type is suitable for public and private parking facilities of medium or large size: up to 1000 parking spaces with multiple modules.‎ It can be built below or above ground, with access point above or below the parking levels.‎
The Shuttlepark T automated parking system is characterized by its one or more dedicated shuttles (in blue in the diagram) on each level; this allows for a reduction in cycle times with respect to other automated parking models.‎
The cars are parked on fixed stalls (in green in the diagram).‎ A shuttle (in blue) moves horizontally from floor to floor, positions itself in front of the stall containing the car to be retrieved, transfers the car with the integral-lift carriage (in red) from the stall to the shuttle itself, moves in front of the elevator (in orange), and transfers the car from the shuttle to the elevator.‎ The elevator ascends to the exit point, where the user can get in the car and exit the parking facility.‎ Parking takes place in reverse order.‎ The elevator and the shuttles are independent elements that can complete separate tasks, thereby significantly reducing cycle times (while the elevator lifts the car, the shuttles independently retrieve or park cars on the various levels).‎
The elevator can integrate the car rotation feature to allow for entry and exit without reversing.‎ The entrance/exit point may be constructed in the traditional manner – within a room in the building – or on the exterior with a retractable roof, which, when closed, restores the flatness of the external surface.‎
Cars can be parked in a single bay (single-file) as shown in the figure, or in a double or triple bay, optimizing the available space.‎

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