Parma Antonio & Figli Flanked and Under ATM safe

Night depository safes in the Flanked and Under ATM models


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Flanked and Under ATM safe


Night depository safes in the Flanked and Under ATM models

The night depository safes in the Flanked and Under ATM models belong to the range of products, used by banks and for professional use, conceived for the deposit of cash surpluses.‎ Parma Antonio & Figli supplies these special types of containment safes, compliant with 0 to III grade safes, according to UNI EN 1143-1 standard and compliant with UL standard, thus providing the Client with products ranging from medium to high safety level.‎ Cash deposit, contained in appropriate ABS sacks collected inside the body of the safe, takes place by means of a suitable motor-powered device.‎ The special feature of these safes is that of assuring various functionalities, not only as for operation modes of the same product, but also that of respecting defined aesthetic and installation standards.‎ As a matter of fact, these products have been conceived to be installed in ATMs (especially in the Under ATM version), thus creating a unique body and, at the same time, allowing the Client to perform only one hole in the wall or window operation for the introduction and installation of the products.‎ In both versions, the exterior aspect of the ATM is respected: as a matter of fact, all the products are finished with a suitable frame, reflecting as for sizes and finishing the external frame of the ATM, thus creating a more pleasant and matching environment in the self-service area.‎
The motor-powered deposit system, installed both on the Under ATM model and on the Flanked mode, runs both in the self-managed mode with high security magnetic keys, and with the ATM interface by means of an ATM card, which enables the opening and handling function of the deposit roll, owing to the same interface of the ATM, allowing the Client to manage the deposit operation directly from the ATM self-service counter with deposit receipt.‎
To impede access to the cash-containing drawers, on behalf of the criminals, both in case of breaking open of the door and in case of gas attack with consequent door explosion, Parma provides for an anti-explosive barrier: a mechanical device, which is assembled inside the ATM safe as a protection for the drawers.‎ Its structure has been conceived so as to remain as a whole with the structure of the ATM or of the safe, hindering the theft of the drawers with the cash, in case of a violent explosion.‎

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