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Transfer safes


Safe for banking

Transfer safes are mainly designed for clients, such as banks, surveillance firms and post offices and companies in general.‎ They have been conceived to satisy the need for the passing of packages, mail or valuables between the inside and the outside of a location, offering the possibility to withdraw the content of the safe without having to physically access inside the building or the offices.‎ The passage takes place by means of two opposed and interblocked doors: with the safe empty, it is possible to open indistinctly one of the two doors, but the opposite one remains blocked until the first one closes.‎ The interblock can be mechanical or electronic.‎
Parma transfer safes are implemented in the light version, made up of heavy duty steel metal sheets both as for the frame and for the doors, in 3 models, which differ one from the other as for sizes and weight, offering a medium-high security level.‎ The interblock is mechanical.‎ The armoured version called Sfinge – available in one unique model – offers a high degree of safety, since it is implemented according to the provisions of the European standard EN 1143-1 for II level products.‎ The interblock can be mechanical or electronic.‎
In the latter case, the safe is provided on each door with a control unit for the electronic management of operations, allowing to set various opening modes and enabling various users’ levels, this to solve in the best way possible the delicate problem, relating to the division of responsibilities between the supplier of the transfer service and the agency.‎
The armoured one-door Parma transfer safe arises from a specific bank need and is provided with specific electronic warnings and photocells, managed by an electronic multifunctional lock, with magnetic card reader.‎

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