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RECODE | Indoor wall/floor tiles By Pastorelli


Porcelain stoneware wall tiles / flooring

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Quartzite, a natural stone featuring tiny, almost imperceptible flakes embedded in the material, offers inspiration for the Recode porcelain stoneware collection, a new and advanced synthesis of style, elegance, eclecticism, and performance.‎ Four colours and a rich assortment of sizes, decorations, and trims available in multiple finishes and thicknesses, to lend homes and businesses an elegant contemporary accent.‎

The purity of quartzite is enhanced in this ceramic interpretation of the original offering two background tiles: a natural option and a textured lined version which recreates the effects of modern natural stone processing.‎ Captivating style touches for contemporary interior design.‎

Features such as a grip finish and special 20 mm-thick option make Recode an option for exteriors too and in all settings that require special technical performance and a non-slip finish, while guaranteeing maximum style and design continuity.‎

The decorative patterns of the Recode range bring out all the striking features of the original materials from which this ceramic draws its inspiration, including stylish three-dimensional and geometric effects.‎ For designs to lavish your eyes on.‎

Available in multiple sizes, innately designed for modular laying, this collection is complemented by decorations offering further freedom of expression and design potential.‎ Its versatility and variety means users can always find the right balance between elegance and performance, even in commercial spaces.‎

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sp/th. 8,5 mm

60 x 120 cm
60 x 60 cm
30 x 60 cm
30 x 30 cm
20 x 40 cm
15 x 60 cm

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