Pastorelli MINDWALK Wall/floor tiles with stone effect


MINDWALK | Flooring By Pastorelli


Wall/floor tiles with stone effect

Mindwalk is a wall/floor tiles with stone effect.‎

Two different stones united in the same body create an exclusive texture, full of details.‎ A sophisticated, contemporary aesthetic expression that embraces decorative wood effect inclusions, inspired by the oriental art of kintsugi, the technique that repairs objects by decorating their fracture lines.‎ Creativity and a sense of the natural come together for indoor and outdoor surfaces in warm, inviting tones.‎
Simple singularity for unexpectedly light spaces.‎
A modern poetry: the purity of two different stones in warm, basic shades combined with elegant wood effect inserts reflect a philosophy that looks at the spaces in our lives with a carefree charm.‎
The warmth and strength of stone convey an inviting sensation of intimacy and natural beauty to all kinds of spaces, both public and private.‎

The Mindwalk collection is an original decorative expression also suitable for outdoor spaces.‎ Refined aesthetics and trims with an extra thickness of 20 mm ensure resistance and stylish effects of surface continuity that run from inside to outside the domestic space.‎

Inserts inspired by Arkè wood, with an original surface design, creates patterns capable of evoking natural sensations that define the style of your most intimate and exclusive spots for relaxation.‎

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