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Custom ABS bookcase

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Shelf-creation at its core, bring forth your unique Confetti!
Confetti is an expressive and versatile wall-mounted shelf system designed and produced in Sweden.‎ It consists of three parts: back-plate, bricks and shelves that easily can be composed in truly unique combinations.‎ The colours of the bricks ranging from soft pale blends to striking rich colours that opens for a serious personal and artful shelf experience.‎ The colored bricks are arranged and then pushed in to the back-plate.‎ The panel is then hanged on the wall and the shelves are finally pushed in between the bricks.‎ Several panels can be combined to create a larger wall piece and it’s possible to change the position on both bricks and shelves.‎
How Its Made
Confetti is designed and manufactured in Sweden.‎
A Confetti modular shelf system kit is composed by the following parts: 1 Back-plate, dyed fiber board, 77x43x1,2 cm 45 bricks, ABS plastic, 8x8x2,2 cm 3 small shelves, acrylic plastic, 21×17,5×0,6 cm 1 large shelf, acrylic plastic, 43×17,5×0,6 cm.‎
Included in the packaging there is also a tool to remove the bricks.‎ Packaging size: 86x44x6,5 cm 6,5 kg.‎
Confetti - Custom colors
Create your personal color composition choosing among the 14 colors available:
Light Grey (7035), Gull (17-3802), Aquatic (14-4510), Ambrosia (12-0109), Sunflower (16-1054), Sunset Purple (19-3424), Signal White (9003), Pale Green (6021), Chocolate Brown (8017), Colza Yellow (1021), Tele Magenta (4010), Signal Blue (5005), Vermillion (2002), Ivory (1014)

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77x43x1,2 cm

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