Pendant lamps

Lighting is a crucial element in a home. In the kitchen, in the bedroom as well as in the living area, pendant lamps are essential to add a fine touch to the house unlike any other. Versatile and manufacture in countless shapes, pendant lamps enlighten in a functional way making any room look charming, comfortable and inviting. Once used as candle holders, pedant lights have evolved till becoming much more than a simple object used to light up a room. At present, pendant lamps are indeed thought to impress and to stick out as a decorative element even when they are turned off. In addition, following the lighting revolution centered on power saving, most suspension fixtures are designed to be used with LED lights. Pendant lamps are extraordinarily sophisticate products, object of continuous stylistic experimentation, with a design that is inspired by current trends to complete spaces furnished with a contemporary vibe. Conceived to strategically bring light to any space, pendant lamps vary depending on the activities carried out where they are installed, including collective meal preparation, relaxation or hospitality. It is therefore possible to play with sizes, colors and materials and create light effects that radiate light vibrations to shape delightful and soothing atmospheres, stimulate concentration or cast light on the cooking area while preparing food.

Materials and different styles of pendant lights

Before choosing a model of pendant light it is necessary to carefully study the space and figure out the light effect you wish to obtain in a room. Once this is done, it is possible to evaluate the design that best matches with the surrounding furnishing style. Materials play a crucial role in this sense. A glass pendant light, for instance, allows to play with opacity and transparencies that alternated to each other make the final light effect. With their striking visual impact metal lamps come in a host of typologies and finishes that can set the style, from gold glam to industrial black, and make them easily adaptable to modern as to classic ambiances. Modern chandeliers of design made in plastic correspond with a light solutions in which quirk lines meet more traditional shapes like in suspended spheres. The list continues with models in wood, paper, natural stone, rubber or fabric, to suit all demands and styles. Perfect to light up the office worksurface or the dining table, pendant lamps with direct light allow to shed an accent light on specific objects or portions of space. An extra level of customization can be reached with swivel pendant lamps, allowing to point the lighting fixtures towards the room corners or the furnishing elements you wish to accent.

The right model of pendant lamps to fit your spaces

Pendant lights come in a variety of models. They feature specific performances, sizes, shapes of the fixture. Across time, world-known designers have focused on designing pendant lights, giving life to veritable contemporary icons. In recent years the aesthetics of this element is undergoing a progressive simplification and in many cases the light bulb has come to be itself the source and the body of the lamp. Fabric lampshades are perfect for those seeking a more classic and elegant effect, while chandeliers in wood or in metal are in most cases the best choice to light up the dining or the living area. In order to choose the right lighting fixture, power consumption and the type of light used should also be considered. If the pendant light is to be intensively used and turned on and off many times during the day, it is recommended to use LED pendant lamps. If you want to add warmth and coziness, pendant lamps with direct and indirect light can project light both upwards and downwards thanks to the fixture shape. This will also contribute to visually enlarge the room. For a more intense, warm and natural-looking light, halogen lamps are the best option.

Decorate with pendant lamps

Pendant lamps can be used in many areas of the house, not only in rooms with a high ceiling, but also in small-size rooms. You will just need to adopt some tricks to make tiny spaces look bigger. Ceiling-mounted pendant lights throw a soft and diffused glow. Pendant lights are often thought to suit all needs and thanks to their designs and materials of exceptional aesthetic value they can be considered sheer furnishing and decorative elements at the same time. Pendant lights can be used solo or paired up with other sources of light, like floor lamps or spotlights. In oversize rooms they can be hang in pairs, for instance to cast light on a long rectangular table in the dining room or the hallway. For a more dramatic scenic effect, more pendant lamps can be fixed to the ceiling in cluster, especially if they are not too big or bulky. Size can indeed drastically change and range from bigger fixtures, like chandeliers, to spotlight-shaped-like ones. Proportions are the starting point in order to choose the right lamp; this has to enlighten the whole room without creating disturbing shaded areas. The length of the cable matters too, as well as the possibility to adjust it. Above the kitchen top, for instance, height adjustable lamps come in handy to light up the surface where meal preparation takes place. Chandeliers with dimmers are a recommended choice for the dining area so to be able to regulate the intensity of the beam of light while dining or chatting.

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