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Pets fill our homes with joy; perhaps they make our life slightly more complicated, but they also enrich is exponentially. In order to best manage the co-existence with our pets it is necessary to arrange the spaces in a way that each one has its own. If the house owner is passionate about design, they will find a wide choice of dogbaskets, pillows, bowls and objects for dogs, cats, and not only in order to decorate the environments without giving up on functionality. And, -why not!- perhaps over time they will learn to know their pets’ tastes also in terms of interiors design! The choice of products especially thought for cats and dogs will improve their quality of life at home.

How to equip the corner of your house for a dog or a cat

The arrival of a new animal friend at home is a special moment for the entire family and choosing how to furnish the corner of the house that will be dedicated to it is certainly fun. Be it a dog or a cat, we can choose a dogbasket or a pillow for the living area that is proportionate to their size, or a dedicated carpet, perfect to take a nap. There are structures that draw inspiration from the classic style, others that are sheer luxury in leather with details in chrome-plated metal; then there are cushions in upholstered fabrics, which have the great advantage of being removable and washable. A cat could also appreciate a nice basket, that would therefore double play as a kennel and a furnishing complement, if chosen in coordination with the environment where it will be positioned. If you share your house with a dog that is used to sleeping outdoors, you can opt for an outdoor closed dogbasket. Design ones are made of wood, also with details in corten. The bowl could find their own space in the kitchen, on the balcony or in an area of the hallway. You can opt for a bowl that is specifically thought for pets, or for a nice saucer in concrete or synthetic material in its place, so as to coordinate also this corner of the house with the general furniture style. A more unusual solution, but certainly not void of charm, is also to use sauce plates or bowls made of stoneware, ceramic or even porcelain, recovered from an old table service. If you have a cat in the house, it will also be necessary to provide a litter box and, consequently, the dedicated cleaning accessories: dustbin, broom and dustpan. Finally, in all cases you will need a good wired or wireless vacuum cleaner to collect the hair.

Not only dogs and cats: bird feeders

If you love pets and have a garden or a balcony you could also consider installing one or more bird feeders. Such objects have set the trends in recent years, to the point they have drawn the interest of some brands that have transformed them into real items of design. Modern bird feeders are made in painted metal or wood with details in corten, studied to the tiniest detail and with contemporary lines. Such complements are able to bring that fantastic touch to any outdoor area with a tripe effect. You will have a unique decoration for your garden, do a good deed by offering shelter to passing sparrows and be rewarded by their chirping. ... More ... less ... More ... less ... More ... less

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