72 Pin trays

The pin trays are particularly useful to easily find the small things that would otherwise be lost around the house: keys, pins, glasses, remote controls, up to the smartphone.

Pin trays: versatile and excellent throughout the house

For the common imaginary situated in the entrance, they do not have, in reality, limits in their positions.
In the entrance hall, the pin trays can also be combined with hooks and hangers, elements that together can create an entrance set so you have everything at hand before leaving the house. The pin trays are easily adaptable to the context in which they are going to fit, so we can find pin trays with a modern design or a classic style. They are also very well located in the service areas and in the living area, especially next to a sofa, so it will be easier to always have at hand, especially after a tiring day, remote controls or the book we were reading or, why not, the knitting just started.

Different tray emptiers for different needs

Even the installation gives rise to different ideas and interpretations:
depending on the surrounding furniture and the presence or absence of other elements, it is possible to have a pin tray or create a special corner thanks to the floor pin trays that can even replace a console or a table in case of limited space available. If the space available is even more limited, an alternative could be to use the small wall pin trays that, freely arranged on the wall, can also characterize it by creating a space for each member of the family. Another alternative, decidedly less usual and more original, is the suspended pin trays.

Materials and shapes: choose the pin tray that suits you!

As far as materials and shapes are concerned, there are no limits to the fantasy. First of all, the classic marble or ceramic bowl tray, used in the support solutions; they are also available in leather, often handmade by craftsmen. The most versatile are certainly the wooden pin trays as they are excellent both for the floor solutions that allow you to create a new piece of furniture, and for all other types. ... More ... less
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