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Gas outdoor kitchen with Barbecue

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Gas outdoor kitchen with Barbecue


Stainless Steel

A gas built-in barbecue with an attractive design
The OASI gas barbecue features a built-in design that allows it to be fitted into any support surface, leaving only the upper part of the barbecue visible.‎ The OASI barbecue is the ideal solution for those who want to combine the advantages of cooking on a gas cooktop with an attractive and minimalist design.‎
Designed to leave only the top part of the barbecue visible, OASI perfectly integrates into any kind of countertop (steel, stone, marble, granite or porphyry, etc.‎ ) thus preventing annoying protrusions that are often aesthetically unpleasant.‎ This built-in barbecue is available in two sizes, 55 (53 x40cm) and 80 (79x40cm), and is made entirely in 304 stainless steel; a material that guarantees excellent resistance to oxidation, that is antibacterial and very easy to clean.‎ It is equipped with a solid and robust gas cooktop (5 mm thick) that ensures stability and perfect temperature control.‎
The plate of the OASI gas barbecue is slightly sloped to allow cooking fat to flow into the drip tray and can be customised in two configurations: completely smooth or partially ribbed to give the food those attractive “grill marks”.‎

Fast cooking with low gas consumption
Called plancha in Spain and France or teppanyaki in Japan, the OASI built-in barbecue uses a gas cooktop in stainless steel designed to reach temperature quickly and to cook food evenly on the entire cooking plate.‎
The power supply of the gas barbecue with butane-propane liquid or methane canister is CE certified (Europe).‎ All the products manufactured by PLA.‎ NET Barbecue are designed for low gas consumption, reducing heat dispersion and minimising gas consumption because the burner is located inside a combustion chamber and the flame, which is under the cooking surface, heats it directly.‎ The hot air that is created in the combustion chamber is made to flow into a chimney located behind the cooktop.‎
The OASI built-in gas barbecues have a safety system that automatically closes the gas flow if the flame should go out.‎ The piezo ignition is powered by a normal battery; there is one knob for controlling the flow of gas and for igniting the cooktop.‎

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55: 53 x 40 cm
80: 79 x 40 cm

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