Planika CABO TABLE Freestanding bioethanol Glass and Stainless Steel fireplace




Freestanding bioethanol Glass and Stainless Steel fireplace

Cabo Table is an automatic ethanol fireplace with BEV Technology that allows you to enjoy the cozy ambiance indoors and outdoors.‎ It combines the highest safety standards with exceptional design and high-end materials for a unique fire experience.‎ This freestanding fireplace can be applied in indoor spaces as well as gardens and patios.‎ Cabo Table with wheels offers a major advantage of versatility, allowing you to move the warmth and cozy ambiance from one place to another.‎ This portability also makes it easier to redecorate your living spaces, granting you the flexibility to shift your fireplace according to your changing design aesthetics or seasonal needs.‎ The fireplace has a new internal fuel pump with an integrated fuel hose.‎ All you have to do is insert the hose into a fuel canister and push the button to start refueling.‎ Control the fire with the included remote or mobile app on your smartphone.‎ Planika BEV (Burning Ethanol Vapours) Technology ensures no direct contact between the liquid fuel and the flame.‎ The fuel is transported from the inner tank to the vapour generator and ignited right above the burner creating real, golden flame.‎ The combustion process is controlled by a microprocessor and numerous safety sensors.‎ This gives you full control over the real fire in your indoor space.‎ Cabo has three casing options to choose from and to fit perfectly into any interior style from rich and luxurious to modern and minimalistic.‎ Daze and Laurent by Cosentino are highly durable materials made of sintered ceramics, quartz and glass.‎ This material is not only scratch and stain-resistant, but it can also withstand high temperatures and various weather conditions.‎ The matt finish adds a luxurious touch to indoor and outdoor spaces.‎

- Wi-Fi
- 6 levels of flame
- Safety sensors
- Weather resistant

Optional accessories
- Protective fabric cover

Available finishing variants
- 2 finishing options by Cosentino: Dekton Laurent and Daze
- Cabo Burner for custom-build housing

Technical features
- Maximum burn time 8 h
- Heat output 9.‎‎4 kW
- Flame height regulation 6 stages
- Fuel type bioethanol 95-96,6%
- Flue not required
- Power supply 230 V
- Finish Dekton Daze, Laurent, Silestone Gris
- Materials sintered ceramics, stainless steel, galvanized steel, toughened glass
- Application for outdoor and indoor use.‎

Further info from manufacturer on CABO TABLE Planika
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1400 x 760 x H. 469 mm
Weight: 84 Kg

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Cabo Collection by Planika
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