SINATRA 2400 | 3-sided fireplace

Gas 3-sided fireplace

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SINATRA 2400 | 3-sided fireplace By Planika


Gas 3-sided fireplace



Sinatra 2400 is a true gas fireplace of the modern times.‎ Being the leader in creating custom solutions, Planika offers you a product of many benefits and an endless line of real fire.‎
Thanks to a wide range of antireflective glazing options, the fireplace can integrate in any kind of interior.‎ Sinatra comes as front, double-sided, three-sided, tunnel solution, room divider or fully glass-enclosed fireplace.‎ If that is not enough, choose a Sinatra with open fire without a glass enclosure.‎
A fireplace must be convenient to use, which is why Sinatra offers different control options.‎ From now on you can regulate the fire and adjust many other functions with a handheld remote, advanced Smart Home Systems as well as smartphones and tablets with a dedicated mobile app.‎ All of this to provide full control over your fireplace.‎
To enhance the aesthetic value of the fire, Sinatra is decorated with natural-looking ceramic logs, vermiculite and glowing wires.‎ To create even more unique fire design, we offer unique pebbles and glass crystals with an LED illumination.‎
All Planika’s products are made of the best components and materials to comply with the most restrictive safety and quality standards.‎ Equipped with sensors, our fireplaces provide the real safety.‎
The fireplace utilizes LPG or Natural Gas - both fuel options ensure always clean burning process.‎ We also offer hoods, flue systems and extraction fans, to ensure proper air circulation and efficient combustion.‎

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Sinatra 2400 Collection by Planika
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